Above The Ground Pools For Backyard Summer Fun

Once you have decided to buy an above ground pool (portable, soft, blow up, hardside) for your residential leisure activities, there are certain key factors you have to take into consideration when making your purchase. first and foremost, you must take into consideration the available space, the present obstacles and the overall safety of the entire pool and users of the same. You should allow for at least some distance of three feet between any structures and the pool. Avoid being near trees because their roots have been known to push through against the pool liners. Select some level ground which does not have any cesspools, stumps, septic tanks, underground lines debris or tree roots underneath. It is also worth mentioning that you should never place these pools under any overhead electric lines.

Once you have decided on the location, measure the area and determine what pool size will fit in that particular space. Take note that some above ground pools have buttresses which are basically support beams which extend the pool wall to the ground; if the pool does have buttresses you should allow an extra 3 feet when taking your measurements.

There are different sizes and shapes of these pools in the market, oval and round shapes are the most common. Oval pools are typically not larger than eighteen (18) by forty (40) feet while round pools usually don’t go beyond thirty three (33) feet in diameter. They usually come in heights of 48, 52 and 54 inches. It should be noted that above ground pools with short wall heights tend to be more affordable and the lower water depth by virtue of the height of the wall makes them safer for children.

It is also important to decide on the material used to make the pool. There are mainly two types available, these are the steel pool which basically refers to the pool which has the walls, bottom track, uprights, and top rails made of steel. On the other hand, there is the resin pool which does also have steel, hard sided walls but all the other components are usually made from heavy duty plastic which is referred to as resin. For those who live in a damp area, this is an ideal option even though they tend to be slightly more expensive. Both styles are corrosion resistant though.

Here are some examples of above the ground pools readily available in the market. they include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Belize 15’ Round 48” Deep Above Ground Pool

Product Price: $ 886.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/tj1ncB

Product Details: this is bound to give you and your family many years of fun in the sun. it does combine excellent quality with a very affordable price point. It is easy to install and it is as a matter of fact set up for those who prefer DIY. Its rugged construction of 6” uprights and top rails does provide lots of stability as well as durability. The deluxe resin seat covers give it a very modern and sleek look.

2) Product Name: Tahitian 30’ Round 54” Deep Above Ground Pool

Product Price: $ 3135.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/LyjbAz

Product Details: quality and style merge together in this beautifully constructed steel pool. It uses extra thick gauge steel for its uprights as well as sidewalls, making the pool quite sturdy and durable. For super strength, the non- corroding 8 “top rail is injection molded. Because the top rail is made from resin, they are more comfortable to sit on and they will not dent like those made from steel. The pool wall is protected by a patented PlastiGuard ™ coating process which ensures that the outer pool wall shall never ever rust and is thus backed by a lifetime warranty in that regard.

3) Product Name: Bermuda 28’ Round 54’ Deep Above Ground Pool

Product Price: $ 6096.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/E6VI52

Product Details: its 100% aluminum construction does make the pool not only super strong but it is also lightweight. The top rails with thus not crack, bend or warp like those made from resin or steel. The aluminum used is made to resist corrosion and is able to handle the effects of pool chemicals, sunlight, soil as well as other minerals. with its interlocking slat wall design, the pool is very easy to install than other conventional pools. The pool is sold with a lifetime warranty

4) Product Name: Riviera 18’ Round 54” Deep Above Ground Pool

Product Price: $ 1727.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/7neLcI

Product Details: with its rich hues and contemporary style, this pool does extend the elegance of the outdoor living area to the pool. The oval shape does feature some attractive buttress free design as well space saving capability. With very potent UV inhibitors embedded in the resin, protection against harmful sun rays is guaranteed. The resin bottom rails as well as the stabilizers and the top and bottom plates fitted with stainless steel hardware does ensure that the pool is protected from the harsh salts commonly used in chlorine generators.   

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