How To Purchase Bathroom Wastebaskets For The Home

When you own a big home, you'll find it difficult to rely on a central wastebasket, and especially if the home has multiple rooms. That's because every time you or a member of your family is in any one of those rooms, they'll want to throw away something. If you're using a central wastebasket placed in the kitchen for instance, then it means they will have to sacrifice their convenience by walking all the way to the kitchen to damp the trash.

But what about those showering or using the bathroom for other purposes? Does it mean this category of people should all converge at the central wastebasket so they can all damp their trash?

The simple answer is No, and this is why manufacturers have come up with many different types of wastebaskets to cater for all rooms at home. However, we're only focusing on bathroom wastebaskets in this topic.

Purchasing the right type of wastebasket for the bathroom

If you've decided that a wastebasket is going to sit in your bathroom, you're going to put some crucial things into consideration. It's true that wastebaskets are just meant to accommodate waste and nothing else, and this might tempt you to put up just anything with little regard to the surrounding environment.

Well, most home decor experts now agree that something as small as a bathroom wastebasket will influence the overall decor of your bathroom. That's the reason why manufacturers are coming up with a diverse range of designs and colors to suit the needs of every consumer.

Wastebaskets now have features that will complete the look of every modern bathroom. The materials and features accompanying the wastebasket will add to its longevity and functionality.

Of course your choice will also be influenced by the volume of waste you're intending to damp in your wastebasket. But generally, the bathroom or washroom doesn't have a huge amount of garbage to deal with.

The types of wastebaskets to go for

Generally, wastebaskets will differ based on the room you'll be placing them in. For example, wastebaskets meant for the kitchen are designed with ease of access in mind. There are also hands-free and odor sealant options to purchase.

On the other hand, wastebaskets placed in the bathroom tend to be smaller in size so you can fit them beside the toilet or in places where space is a constraint. Again, if the bathroom is too small, you can consider purchasing wastebaskets that can be mounted on the wall or on top of vanity spaces. Such wastebaskets get out of the way so as to create space for other activities in the bathroom.

The materials used

Wastebaskets are usually made from plastic or metal. However, it's important to note that the type of material used in the manufacturing of the wastebasket will influence its design. Therefore, if you're considering the material to go for, know your aesthetic preference and quality of the unit you'll be going for. You have to go with what blends well with your bathroom.

Of course metallic ones deliver a chic and timeless look inside the bathroom, and will last longer than plastic material. But on the other hand, baskets made of plastic are lighter, hence they are easy to move around. Furthermore, they come in a variety of colors as well as styles to enhance your customized bathroom.

Additional features that can be considered

Other than considering odor-sealant and hands-free options, you could choose a basket that has removable liners for ease of cleaning. You could also look for a unit that comes with a trash bag fastener so the content therein can stay in place regardless of their weight. For added protection, consider investing in a fireproof wastebasket (often made of steel) to keep the accidental fire contained in the basket during such moments.

Wastebaskets you can invest in

1) Bamboo wastebasket ($24):  http://is.gd/61m8EE

Bamboo is the number one choice for the majority of homeowners who want to enhance the touch of elegance in their bathrooms. It's light, and ideal for many applications. It can even be used as a storage bin for newspapers, magazines and so forth.

2) Natural Pandan wastebasket ($29): http://is.gd/f0eoOp

This basket has been finely weaved using natural pandan leaves from Indonesia. It's colored with rich, Swiss textile dyes, plus it's moisture-resistant. These are qualities that meet bathroom conditions.

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