5 Cabinet Door Choices Worth Paying Attention To

A little bit of creativity is needed when it comes to shopping for cabinet door choices and styles. The market already allows you to have myriads of styles at your disposal. We're looking at anything from traditional, to rustic, shaker and contemporary. Here's an overview of what you should look into and buy.

Flat Panel

In this design, the center of the door is flat as opposed tor raised or contoured. This should be your choice if you prefer sleek and clean design. Flat panels allow you to go traditional, transitional and even contemporary.

Raised Panel

In this design, the center is raised with a contour or profile. These are good if you aim at achieving a traditional or a transitional feel.

Slab Cabinet Doors

This is a door with no frame/panel on it. They work fine for both traditional and contemporary looks.

Accent Cabinet Doors

These should not be used throughout the kitchen because they are often used for decorative purposes. These may include mullion doors, glass doors, louver doors and many more.

The following is a list of 5 cabinet doors you can buy for your kitchen cabinet:

1) Broan Nuton AVDWRPN White Raised Panel Cabinet Door

This is a custom cabinet door with a raised panel -- and is white in color. However, you should not only restrict yourself to this color/finish as the manufacturer has it in plenty of other options too. This piece of cabinet door is very handy and economical for your kitchen since it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to buy and fit it. The price is $83. Here's the link http://is.gd/EA9ctt.

2) Unfinished MDF Cabinet Door

When you buy this door, you'll realize that the texture is unfinished and sanded to 150 grits, so it's quite rough on the surface. Again, the manufacturer says it comes ready for painting, so you can apply your own fine layer of paint if you like. The maker of this door also boasts of the fact that these items are made by 3rd generation craftsmen in the U.S, so every customer is guaranteed of premium quality cabinet doors.

What's more, you can have them custom-made for you, and the price is only $34. Here's the link http://is.gd/0qNXcA.

3) Flat-beaded Panel Door (made of oak)

The door boasts of a flat door-front with beaded panels. It has elements of raised stile and rail edges to give you another option for your cabinet door needs. You can find them in any color you want since not all kitchen decors are created to look the same.

When you shop for this cabinet door, you have an option of adding its own customized hings and boring at $5 each. However, the price of this door per square foot is $21.

Again, the ordering and delivery process is fast and convenient. This could be the ultimate door you needed for your cabinets to look good. Here's the link http://is.gd/tA7Kka.

4) Flat Panel Door (made of oak)

Sometimes you'll want to replace your cabinet door because of an old paint damage that keeps penetrating deep into the wood. If this is you, then this cabinet door will be the answer to your cabinet door replacement needs. This is also a good choice for people who prefer flat panel doors as opposed to other options.

So the main highlights of this door is a chic shaker style door panel -- with some warm elements to breath life into the traditional style of your old cabinet.

It could also work well with contemporary design too. And the best thing is that you'll get all this without paying additional costs associated with some of the most sophisticated door panels like these. This door costs $14 per square foot. You can also shop for parts separately at $5 each. Check out this link http://goo.gl/nyOJaN for more information.

5) Stained Solid Slab Door -Maple

This is a contemporary sold slab door which measures 3/4 inches thick. It's a design in its own right because it shows clean, sleek, and straight lines on it. Here, simplicity and clarity is the epitome of the design.

So if you love design elements that are stylish yet not so complicated, the stained solid slab door will suit your needs well. And as for the price, this cabinet door is worth $23 per square foot. Click this link http://goo.gl/pzPT4F to learn more about it.

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