How To Choose Compact Laundry Machines For A Mobile Home

The washing machine is without doubt one of the longest lasting appliances in the home. It is therefore very important to choose the right piece so as to avoid instances where you are forced to buy one frequently. For a manufactured home, space is usually an issue that needs to be addressed and in that regard, many homeowners tend to opt for compact, easy to use and store washing machines. Just like the traditional units, there are certain factors one has to take into consideration when choosing such a unit so as to get value for money.

The first thing you need to do is to measure the available space. For the best results, you should keep in mind that washers typically need one inch of space on either side for easy and effective circulation. In instances where space is at a premium, it is highly recommended that you consider going vertical. There are various compact laundry units such as those framed units that have a dryer and washing machine stacked on top of the other.

You should also take into consideration the tub capacity. This particular term does refer to the interior of the tub and is measured in cubic feet. As a rule of thumb, it is usually recommended that you choose the highest capacity that your space and budget can accommodate. There are also some compact units that feature a built in sink which can be used to pre-soak clothes before you wash them.

Even for compact units, there are both top and front load options. The main advantaged of front loaders over top loaders is their large capacity, their energy efficiency as well as the additional storage space underneath the unit that some of them afford the homeowner. Other people may prefer the top loaders due to the larger capacity, their fair price point as well as the traditional look that they have. The units also ensure that there is no bending or kneeling when using them.

When doing your shopping for a compact washing machine, it is always advisable to opt for efficiency at all times. Even though most washing machines on the market today have been ENERGY STAR qualified, you should always make a point of checking the performance of the unit in accordance to the CEE (Consortium for Energy Efficiency), this reading usually denotes the tiers which are based on the washing machines Water Factor and Modified Energy Factor, the higher the tier, the more efficient the machine is since it uses less water.

For compact machines, it is also important to take into consideration the sound dampening feature. Since you will be using the unit in relatively close quarters, you should ensure that you check the washing machine for vibration reduction and also look for a unit that has some added insulation whenever possible.

Here are some of the popular compact laundry machines readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Kenmore 1.6 cu.ft. Top load Compact Washer

Product Price: $ 446.24

Product URL: https://is.gd/AwhDqt

Product Details: this unit does deliver big performance for small spaces. It offers three water temperatures and 6 cycles, providing users with the sough flexibility which allows for washing different types of loads with lots of ease. Its stainless steel basket has been made to be resistant to chips, dents and corrosion. For those who are really short of space, this unit can be stacked using a special stacking kit that’s sold separately.

2) Product Name: Costway Portable Mini Compact Washing Machine

Product Price: $ 128.90

Product URL: https://is.gd/RUNoKn

Product Details: this unit is ideal for those who are doing their laundry in very compact spaces. The unit though is only ideal for use with small loads. The unit is easy to operate and use and does have a transparent lid which allows you to see the wash. The unit is easy to store, durable and very easy to maintain as well.

3) Product Name: Della Portable Compact Laundry Spin Washing Machine

Product Price: $ 86.67

Product URL: https://is.gd/tzxOtt

Product Details: this unit does feature an 8.8 pound load capacity that’s idea for doing light to medium laundry functions. It does also have a dual function feature which allows for a spin dry or a spin wash. Its easy operation allows user to simply put in their load of clothes, fill the unit with water, set the timer as required and then commence their washing.

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