6 Easy To Care For Indoor Plants For Busy Folks

The fact is, some people are just too occupied with their lives that they don't have the time and commitment that some plants need. This is completely fine. And then, some of us have rooms or even big manufactured homes that only look awkward without plants included. So if you're currently facing a similar dilemma, here are a few easy to care for indoor plants that won't require most of your time and energy. They're very convenient, plus they will survive in very low lighting conditions.

1) Aspidistra Elatior or the cast iron plant

This easy and low-light plant is the cheapest in-house plant you will ever come across. Even though the cast iron plant prefers bright lighting conditions to survive well, it also does well when placed in the shaded spots of your home or rooms that don't have enough natural light. Keep in mind that you will only harm the plant if you add too much water or you re-pot too often. Consequently, if you are the type of person who frequently forgets watering or caring for their plants, this species will suit your needs very well.

2) Dracaena Fragrans (Corn Plant)

This is another favorite plant among households and offices. Corn plant is loved because it acts like a focal point when put in a spacious room. Even though it loves bright light, it will tolerate low lighting conditions as well, so accommodating it inside your house will not harm it in any way.

There are a lot of Dracaena species of plants we're all familiar with. We know that they tolerate the toughest conditions if neglected. But the worst crime you can do with this plant is to over-water it or let it sit in direct sunlight for too long. It is also said that you shouldn't let it sit too cold for too long, so strike the correct balance and you'll have a beautiful in-house plant that looks like corn.

3) Sansevieria (mother-in-laws tongue)

It is called snake plant is some areas, so don't assume that it will attract snakes into your home because this is just a name. The reason why you'll love this plant is because of its green, slick-looking long leaves. Another reason why you should consider it has to do with its low to medium natural sunlight requirements. It is also very easy to water, so put it in the same category as the cast iron plant above. They are the easiest plants to grow in the house so far.

4) Dragon tree (Dracaena Marginata)

Even if you'd love to kill it without chopping off its roots and leaves, it's going to be next to impossible to achieve that mission. This plant will survive any condition even after re-potting several times. Though it's not recommended that you treat any plant this way, the Dragon tree will look like it's going to die out, only to return to its former glory again. Only know that direct sunlight or over-watering are things that the Dragon tree will not withstand under any circumstances. But as long as you keep this plant in a cool place inside your home, it should grow well.

5) Parlor Palm

If you're looking for the smallest indoor plant to beautify your living space, the Parlor palm is just one of the options you will need to consider. Small also means great portability, so mobile homes can also be accommodated too. To keep it happy, avoid direct sunlight and too much watering, and you'll see wonders. The Parlor palm will grow up to 4 ft tall and display wide leaflets that look very cute.

6) ZZ plant

Over-watering isn't allowed. Direct sunlight is also prohibited. Otherwise, other forms of neglects are allowed as the plant will stand well. This is one of the easiest plants you can grow at home even if you don't have time to grow or care for plants. It's appearance is that of a small tree or even a bush.

Price and where to buy

Amazon has the best collection of in-door plants. Prices vary between $3 and $30 depending on the type of plant and pot that accommodates it. The quickest link to the wide selection of these easy-to-care for plants is this: http://is.gd/EH5hR0. Only make sure that you've read the full description of a plant before ordering it.

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