Energy Efficient Window Treatments For Energy Bill Savings

Window treatment refers to any type of covering that may be placed around a window for a given purpose. They are used for various purposes that include blocking light, insulating, keeping the room private from outsiders and decoration to match the décor of the room. The most popular types of treatments such as Venetian blinds and curtains are used to incorporate both style and function. The choice of treatment chosen is limited to the budget and imagination of the homeowner. Interior designers are coming up with new and original designs every year for old favorites to get a makeover and follow the demands of the consumer.

There are many types of energy efficient window treatments for homeowners to choose from depending on their needs. Carefully selected window treatments can reduce heat gain during the summer and heat loss during the winter. Below are some treatments that you may consider.

1) Awnings

Properly chosen and installed window awnings can reduce heat gain during summer by about 77 percent on west-facing windows and 65 percent on south-facing windows. You can choose awnings to shade one window, or use custom made awnings to shade all the windows on a given side of your house. The modern awnings are made of water repellent synthetic fibers such as polyvinyl and acrylic that are treated to resist fading and mildew. Choose awnings that are tightly woven and opaque since a light-colored awning is likely to reflect more light.


ALEKO® 4x2 Sand Window Awning Door Canopy 4-Foot Decorator Awning: ($52.00)- http://is.gd/jt2cgc

It is sold by 1 Stop purchase and Fulfilled by Amazon. It has a 4-inch length, 2-inch width and sand color. It adds style to your home as well as excellent rain and dun protection. It keeps the furnishings of your cool and protects them from damaging UV rays. It is ideals for most doors, windows and slider.

2) Draperies

The ability of a drapery to reduce heat gain or heat loss is dependent on various factors that include the color and fabric used. It is challenging to generalize the performance of draperies although medium colored draperies can reduce heat gain by 33 percent with white-plastic backings. The draperies should be closed on windows exposed to sunlight to minimize heat gain. Convectional draperies can reduce heat loss by 10 percent during cold weather. The draperies should be hung close to windows to reduce convection or heat exchange.


2 Piece Solid Hot Pink Sheer Window Curtains/drape/panels/treatment 60"w X 84"1: (6.18)- http://is.gd/uRzdG4

It is sold and shipped by Qutain Linen. It features two panels that measure 60 by 84 inches and 120 by 84 inches. It is designed to be machine washable with a solid color. It is made of fabric content of 100 percent polyester with sheer window treatment of 1.5 rod pocket panels.

3) High reflectivity window films

They block summer heat gain. They are ideal in climates with long cooling seasons since they block heat. Their effectiveness depends on climate, building orientation, size of window and whether the windows have insulation. Silver mirror films are more effective than transparent or colored ones. West and east-facing windows are likely to benefit since they have greater potential for heat gain than south-facing and north-facing windows. The general disadvantages of high reflectivity window films include extra care is needed when cleaning, impaired outside visibility, reflections and loss of interior light.


Gila LES361 Heat Control Residential Window Film, Platinum, 36-Inch by 15-Feet: (37.97)- http://is.gd/mgqtJs

It is sold and shipped from Amazon.com. It rejects up to 67% glare and 99 % of UV. It cuts cooling costs up to 50% and prevent your interior furnishings from fading. It has a low E-coating that helps in retaining heat during winter.

4) Insulated panels

Pop in shutter or insulating window panel are made with strong foam board insulation. You can clip or push the foam board into the interior of the window for insulation. The panels are made with Velcro or magnetic tape seal that are placed tightly against the frame of the window. The R-values of the insulating windows is between 3.8 and 7. They are fairly inexpensive, but you will require space for storage when they aren’t in use.


Tie-Up Shade Solid Insulated Thermal Blackout Window Shade 42"W x 63"L-BEIGE - BT – TUB (22.25)- http://is.gd/TRfLML

It is sold and shipped from Amazon.com. It keeps your home insulated with thermal under wraps blackout tie up. It insulates your home against cold and heat saving you money. It features a single tie up stand that measures 63 by 42 inches.

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