Flat Panel Smart TVs: 4 Tips To Choose A Good One

Flat screen TVs define the new generation of television broadcasting and the machines that take advantage of it. They provide digital video broadcasting to any manufactured home (with any tv lift cabinet) and offer displays in high-quality formats than their predecessors in the market. As much as most people already know this, shopping for a TV set can be an overwhelming task, especially for shoppers who don’t know what to look for in the market. TV manufacturers, retail salespeople, and numerous internet sources can create more uncertainty as they push for extra features, new technologies, and add-ons in the incessant pursuit of profit. When approaching the stores in search of a TV set, you would want a unit that will serve you well in terms of picture quality, durability, ease of use, and convenience features. You also want to buy a nice television set without having the break the bank. One of the best options in the market is to go for Flat Panel Smart TVs. They come with multiple interesting features that make your day-to-day TV programs even more fun. So what are some of the important features to look for when choosing a Flat screen TV? Here are some tips to help you in the selection process.

1. Picture Quality

It is important to note that the published specs of any electronic are listed or designed in a manner that will entice you to buy the product. One of the most important things to look at when buying a smart TV is the picture quality. Picture quality is cases determined by the refresh rate, motion type, display, and resolution, among other factors. Some TVs come with UHD Upscaling Picture Engine functionalities to give you the best possible clarity even for low-res TV shows, streaming content or even playback videos and movies. Look for a TV with high refresh rate, say 120CMR and above, high dynamic range and 4K Ultra HD resolution for the best experience.

2. TV Size

The other important thing is to think about your ideal TV size, based of course, on factors such as the available space and where the set will be placed. In the simplest words possible, the bigger the size of the television screen, the better the experience. For a regular size home, a 32-inch screen TV would do well for use in the bedroom while a screen at least 50-inches would suit well for the living room. In fact, more than any other feature TV screen size is the best use of your money. The upper limit will be determined by your budget, taste and the space you want to put the TV. However, there are smaller smart TVs that cost more expensive than bigger versions of other brands due to the features and functionality differences.

3. Type of HDTV (LCDs vs OLED vs Plasma)

Introduced more than a decade ago, Plasma TVs were the earliest flat panel TV models to hit the market. However, most manufacturers are shifting towards LED, LCD, and OLED display TVs. The major difference is how these displays are lit and the quality of pictures produced on the display. LCD versions use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps or CCFL technology, whereas LED HDTVs are backlit using Light Emitting Diodes. OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode TVs are the new generation technology HDTVs, they are closer to plasma screens in how they work ,each diode generates both colour and light ,they can be much smaller and thinner but still produce black levels possible.

OLED TVs are the best when it comes to smart features, stylish design, functionalities, brightness, energy consumption, and picture quality. Plasma, on the other hand, is better in terms of price (cheaper) and viewing angle. As a matter of fact, adjustable LED TVs are available, which let you enhance black levels, saturation, or color in scenes. They feature an interesting edge lighting level that allows them to produce quite excellent pictures. LED TVs also tend to be a bit thinner (slim design) and brighter as compared to LCD displays.

4. Price and Brand

Some of the most popular flat panel smart TV brands include Sony, LG, Samsung, and Toshiba, among others. Prices vary depending on the brand, features, size, functionalities, home country, and the store you buy from. Be sure to do some research to get the best deal for the best model from reviews online before going shopping.

Summary: Best TV Features to Look For

• High resolution
• Appropriate size
• LED or OLED display
• Live TV access
• Live streaming
• Smart Hub for apps
• Remote control functionality

Product Examples

1: Kenmore 32" Class LED 720p HDTV
• Buy From: Sears.Com
• Price: $149.99
• Link: https://is.gd/oAkw96

2: Samsung UN65KU6300 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)
• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $1048.24
• Link: https://is.gd/zJgqVE

3: LG Signature 55" Class 4K Smart OLED HDTV - OLED55B
• Buy From: Sears.Com
• Price: $2996.99
Link: https://is.gd/25rx3M

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