Where To Find Beautiful Folding Bookcase Doors

This piece of information is for people who have libraries. With piles of books on the shelves, space can get tight, and this can even make a room to lose its appeal. But there is a better way to organize the mess and restore the luster that the room once had. The solution lies with the Folding Bookcase Doors.

Again, if you've been thinking about remodeling your bedroom in a way that it turns into some sort of a library, you can work with bookcase doors to achieve that objective. These special doors will add dimension to any room they're installed in. Furthermore, they can conceal a secret room, especially if you don't want interference from intruders.

The things you can hide include a wine cellar, a gym, a hallway or just a secret room -- you get the idea?

And just like other doors in the market, bookcase doors come in various styles and shapes. This is influenced by the dimension of the door frame, style and personal preference of individual buyers. Therefore, if you have a home library and space is limited, you may consider this option since it will accommodate more books. Furthermore, it will shut off the outside world momentarily, and this is the peace of mind you'll get as a result of utilizing these special doors.

Now it turns the vivid dream of having a home library into a reality. You can take advantage of wall-to-wall bookshelves that feature a rolling ladder.

Rolling ladders make it convenient to reach books. Furthermore, if you couple this with a nice comfy chair, a table and a fireplace next to the reading area, you will get the most out of your reading experience since it creates a pleasant environment for reading activities.

Vendors who sell folding bookcase doors

We've discovered a couple of vendors who deal with a number of hidden bookcase doors you must be familiar with. Let's start with a website called Hidden Passages. This website represents a company that has specialized in building bookcase doors, hidden doors, secret doors, passage ways hidden behind doors with book shelves built seamlessly.

All the hidden doors they build will fit into standard door openings. You can even use them as a replacement for your standard doors. Bookcase or hidden doors can also be used to conceal an entertainment center in your house or elsewhere. You can reach this website via this link http://is.gd/cTxinn. They have a nice collection of bookcase doors that will amaze you, and especially if you recall the fact that their products fit in standard door openings.

And then there's the Wood Fold Manufacturing company. They have a variety of bookcase doors to offer. You can even place your order with instructions on how you'd love to have your folding doors customized. They will customize your door to widths of 36 to 66 inches.

Their products are made of solid wood veneer and Appleply which support weights of up to 500 pounds. You can even install their bookcase doors into a pre-existing doorway. To have a clue about what they're currently offering, it's recommended that you visit this site http://is.gd/z7TffX.

ApplePly wood description

This is the American version of Baltic birch when coupled with alder & birch core plies. The product is then finished with quality veneer faces.

Birch face may be standard, plus other wood materials are available upon request. ApplePly wood may be used where pine hardwood face veneer is required. They are available in 4×8′' sheets of 1-1/4″, 1″, 3/4″, 1/2″, 3/8″, and 1/4'' thickness.

Common grades available

There are no standardized grades. However, these items are manufactured with face veneers and void-free plies which qualify under grade B or better.

The Pros

They come in nice-looking edges with a variety of face veneers. Consumers are likely to get more value for money spent on these items.

The Cons

They are difficult to find. They also tend to be a little bit costly. Lastly, you have to purchase in bulk so you can be served with optional veneers.


You'll find more information about where to buy these items when you open this link www.statesind.com. The average cost for a 3/4″x4x8′' sheet would be $50 (unless noted otherwise).


You must have doors for your library to ensure there is peace. Secret bookcase doors will fulfill this purpose while still creating room for more books to be stocked.

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