10 Fold Up Beds That Will Accommodate Every Situation

Whether it's about accommodating kids, guests or a demanding in-law, fold up beds help you achieve the kind of comfort and convenient you cannot find anywhere else. From fold up beds to intimidating complex contraptions, there is something special for everyone here. So if you want to give guests a good night sleep, here are a few choices for you to sample.

1) Zig zag folding guest bed

This bed tends to be somehow heavy, and this feature makes it feel sturdier than most beds that fold up. This bed also qualifies among beds that look good when folded into a stool, thanks to the cream fabric cover which will instantly turn it into a soft sit or stool while not being used as a bed.

2) Bed in a bag

This is the perfect sleepover bed for smaller guests, i.e. kids. It features a row of 5 polyester sections. It's made of soft cotton to enhance comfort, plus it features a waterproof base to make it convenient for camping purposes. The good thing with this bed is that it comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so kids will most likely love it.

3) Yoko sofa bed

The best bed that clicks into position so easily is the Yoko Sofa bed. It turns into a complete sofa which is characterized by a firm and supportive mattress. The only problem with the Yoko Sofa is that it doesn't accommodate taller guests well as it may leave them with colder fit. Otherwise, it's a nice fit in the house. It's a great piece of furniture you won't regret buying, and especially if you're the kind of person who loves camping frequently.

4) Sussi Optimal folding bed

This is a budget bed which is small and light. It doesn't have a headboard though, so you're going to put it against the wall if you don't want your pillows to flip or drop on the floor at night. It also features a foam mattress material which isn't as luxurious, but is firm and comfortable enough to give you a good night sleep.

5) Boutique camping roll up bed

This is a handy bed in the event that you've run out of storage space to accommodate all furniture items. The bed features a tough acrylic material which boasts of waterproof capabilities. It's also very easy to take care of. The only limitation with this bed is that it was made for those who don't mind sleeping on the floor level.

6) Jay-Be Crown Single with Premium Contracting Springs

This bed meets hotel standards, so it's the best one you can have for your guests due to the level of comfort it offers. It's robust enough, and this allows it to be used even on a daily basis. The mattress has been properly sprung with wool layers to enhance comfort all night. Most guests will say this bed offers a perfect night's sleep hard to find elsewhere.

7) Aerobed King Comfort Classic Air Bed

You can inflate it in around two minutes only. It also has integral headboard which means your pillows will stay in place. The height of this bed feels right to be used as a day-to-day bed. You can either inflate or deflate it for storage inside your camping bag.

8) Doc Sofa Bunk Bed

This isn't your ordinary guest bed. You swivel it and it will turn into a sofa with a bunk that can accommodate up to 2 people. This piece of furniture tends to be very costly, but if you have some cash to splash, don't be afraid to invest in it as it's a functional and stylish bed.

9) JML EZ Bed

This bed comes with folding legs which go hand in hand with the inflatable mattress, so as the integral pump inflates the bed in 2 minutes, the legs fold up in position. This is the easiest bed to set up when you're in a hurry.

10) Wildwood Day Bed Frame

This is a nice piece of furniture to install in the guest bedroom. It has a second piece which stashes below the main frame when not being used. It comes loaded with cushions so it can be used as a daytime sofa. However, mattresses will be sold separately.

If you have at least $100 to spend and you need a bed that folds up, this Amazon page http://is.gd/ugJVFz has a nice collection of the beds we've described above.

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