The Major Reasons Why Free ELearning Courses Are Advantageous For Manufactured Home Residents

Over the past few years, most academic institutions, research organizations, companies, and other learning institutions have been showing a gradual shift from a paper-based and localized form of learning towards the digitally delivered form of learning. Students or professionals in various disciplines can easily advance their studies through online or digitally delivered courses to save time, overcome barriers such as distance and save money, among others things. Of course, eLearning also comes with a number of challenges, including the possibility of enrolling with non-certified institutions whose credentials, credits or papers do not have local or international recognition, thereby making it harder for you to secure a job or get a place in a higher learning institution. Some e-learning courses are provided by some large recognized institutions for free or a lower price as compared to class based courses. Here are some of the major advantages of seeking free eLearning Courses to advance you academically or career-wise along with some tips on how to choose a good course.

Saves Time & Money

Electronic learning also saves time and money in more than a few ways. For instance, it will reduce your need to be away from the workplace, your business, or your home, which would be rather time-consuming and expensive in terms of travel costs. It also makes you more productive in your other professional or academic areas. Plus if you get a free online course or MOOC course (Massive Open Online Course), you do not have to worry about the hefty fees involved in taking class-based programs. In general, digitally delivered course programs tend to take a shorter time than class based courses in most cases. MOOCs are offered by schools like Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Columbia University and others.

Excellent Progress Tracking

Especially when taken at a business training institution, a virtual college, or the workplace, e-learning also makes it easy and convenient to track your progress, thanks to today’s technologies such as Learning Management Systems. Institutions with the best systems in place are able to determine where more effort needs to be put in to improve their own delivery of course material as well as encourage and motivate you through the training program. Trainers can easily find out what needs to be updated or refreshed in the course work, thereby benefiting you more.

Environmentally Friendly

By now you are most probably aware of how dire the need is for people to embrace alternatives that help conserve the environment. By embracing digital technology as a means of delivery for training material, you are actually supporting the Green way of life. In other words, e-learning reduces the need for paper-based delivery of course materials and assessment, thereby helping reduce the carbon footprint associated with production.


Whether taken from your employer or an academic training institution, eLearning courses are highly flexible, allowing you to study at your own time, pace, and convenience. This includes receiving training even from a remote location. You don’t have to be onsite to get the knowledge and skills you are pursuing. Sometimes you can even take the required assignments and exams online as opposed to class-based training that and some online or home-based study courses that require you to physically present yourself onsite for the examination.

Supported By Current Technology

Especially when it comes to the mobile and internet world, most technologies of today will support eLearning delivery, enabling to access your course material conveniently from anywhere, anytime. You can conveniently access training material delivered in videos, PDF, word, power point presentations and other types of files and documents, easily from your Smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC and carry on with your training wherever you are. This is more advantageous as compared to class-based courses where you miss a few classes and you might be in trouble when the assessments come or in the case where credits for class attendance count.

These are just a few benefits of digitally delivered course programs, especially the ones available for free. However, it is important to take your time when choosing your electronic learning course and focus on choosing one from a reputable organization or institutions whose final papers will be valuable in your career advancement. Below, are a few examples of institutions offering free e-learning courses you can start looking from.

Free Elearning Course Examples

1: National Skills Academy for Health

Course: Stand By Me - Dementia

Price: Free e-learning course

Address: 9th floor, Lynton House, Tavistock Square, London

E-mail: information@nsahealth.org.uk
Phone: 020 7391 7173
Link: https://is.gd/18RpEZ

2: Alison.Com

Course: Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health

Price: Free

Address: Level One Building -7/8, Galway Technology Park, Parkmore Galway, H91 E309, Ireland

Phone: +353-91-680-103

E-mail: https://alison.com/contact

Link: https://is.gd/fGiupA

3: Khan Academy.Org

Course: Computer Science

Price: Free

E-mail/Help Center: https://khanacademy.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Link: https://is.gd/2AkSB8

4: Arizona State University

Course: Introduction to Health and Wellness

Price: Free with Verified Certificate for $49

Address: Tempe, AZ 5281

Phone: 480-965-2100

E-mail: https://contact.asu.edu/

Link: https://is.gd/yTiEkA


A more comprehensive list of schools offering online courses can be found here.

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