Some Interesting Home Basketball Court Ideas For The Manufactured Home Backyard

Home basketball courts without doubt a popular addition for most backyards. In most instances, homeowners are usually spoilt for choice. Depending on user needs and requirements you can either opt for a full or half court basketball designed and installed on your premises. As a general rule, the basketball court can be made of several materials such as copolymer tiles which are readily available in a wide array of colors. The court can also be made of high quality concrete with the requisite lines stenciled on it. Alternatively, as a homeowner, you can opt to useother rubberized textured products such as the sturdy and reliable Plexipave. Depending on whether you want a permanent or removable court, you can opt for permanent basketball hoop that's fitted with a glass blackboard or opt for a hoop that can easily be rolled away on a need to basis.

When thinking of a basketball court, there are certain tips you need to take into consideration such as what time of the day you will be playing most often, with this in mind, you should ensure that you won’t have to shoot into the sun. In addition, you should also keep in mind the vertical space, a good basketball court should never have low, lying tree branches near the court which can interfere with passes or shots. For those who are short on space, then it is advisable to have a court that can be easily tucked away into a slope. Here are some interesting home basketball court ideas worth taking into consideration.

One of the easiest and simplest basketball courts to design does include attaching a hoop in your backyard or to the wall of the garage so as to encourage your family members to develop their skills at home while working up some sweat at the same time. For those who may be having some space in the basement or theater that has an awkward drop, then it can be an ideal spot for a large contemporary indoor sport court. Make sure the ceiling height is approximately fourteen (14) feet tall with the height of the rim being at least ten (10) feet or more. The court can also be placed in such a way that allows family members to cheer one another as supporters.

If you have enough space in the outdoors, a pickleball enclosure can be quite effective. Provided the enclosure has well built, tall galvanized panels which can be used to catch errant balls, the space can be quite effective. The galvanized panels can also act to support tree branches or vines, giving the spot some natural look and feel that’s ideal for a game of basketball. For the ground, you can either opt to have it with some rubberized texture coating. It is worth mentioning that both rubberized and copolymer court coatings are readily available in many colors, making it easier for a homeowner to match the color scheme of their home, alternatively, you can opt to have some little fun by simply choosing the colors of your favorite basketball team.

When thinking of goals, it is worth mentioning that there are numerous options to choose from, depending on your budget and playing needs. If you don’t want to have a permanent structure, you can always opt for portable goals which are also height adjustable. For those who want some permanence, you can then opt for in-ground goals. In this regard, one can also opt for the highly popular wall or roof mount units. If you have kids, you can even opt to buy the double shot kit. The rims are usually available in width measurements of 44 inches, 50 inches and 52 inches with the smaller units being preferred by homeowners who may be short of space.

Finally, it is important to note that irrespective of the design that you choose, it is important to always keep in mind the safety of players using the court. Make sure that the design you opt for is not only safe to use but is also easy to maintain and repair as well. If the court is going to be used by children, then it is very important to ensure that there court floors are safe, firm, comfortable and easy to maintain as well. Additionally, you should also ensure that everyone who is using the facility understands and appreciates the need for safety.

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