Important Tips On How To Buy Land For A Manufactured Home

After going through the time consuming and very important step of choosing a manufactured home, it is important to now consider where you are going to place the unit. This is also a very important undertaking since moving the unit from one point to the other is not only expensive but in some instances, it may be almost impossible or unrealistic to move the unit. In this regard, it is important to know the intricacies involved in how to buy land for a manufactured home. They include but are not limited to the following; 

The first thing you need to do is to get in touch with a licensed real estate agent who will be able to assist you in getting the best deal for you. He or she is an important cog in this undertaking because in most instances, an owner can be convinced to sell a piece of land if the price is right even if he or she wasn’t selling. A real estate agent is usually able to get the details of landowners from the regional escrow or title insurance company and make the initial contact on your behalf. The real estate agent may also look into any other available option and then give you an opportunity to choose what fits your plans best. 

Once the various plots have been identified, you should then decide on whether you want to live in a modular home community or in a traditional neighborhood. If you opt for a traditional neighborhood, then it is important to ensure that the land you choose has been zoned appropriately for the type of home you have in mind. A real estate agent will come in quite handy in this regard since he will be able to see if the land in question has any zoning ordinances or bylaws that explicitly prohibit the construction of manufactured homes and also advice you on whether the land in question is even suitable for your home or not. 

When looking at the suitability of any piece of land, there are certain factors one has to take into consideration. First and foremost, you should find out if the land has an existing well or water hookup. You should also find out if it has a functional electrical power hookup. The septic system as well as the sewage system operation should also be a matter of great concern. If you find a piece of land that’s lacking any of the above, then unless the price and location are very favorable, you should not even consider making an offer since the cost of getting some of the above mentioned facilities to your home is almost impossible. 

When making your choice, always keep in mind that if you opt to build your home in a modular or manufactured home community, you should expect to be charged for the physical land as well as charged a monthly maintenance or service charge which is used to take care of the entire community. Even though these charges may look small when you are negotiating, they can be quite problematic in the future. 

You should also take your time and decide on the size of land that you need. The size of land should be determined by the usage. For those who are only keen on regular living without much fanfare, then it is highly recommended that one opts for some kind of park community. However, there are those who may be inclined to do some farming or are keen on maybe setting up a small business on the land as well, then for such cases, getting a piece of land elsewhere may be the best option since it will allow you the freedom to do all that without breaking any bylaws or inconveniencing anyone. 

Lastly, it is always recommended that you get a spot where there are other manufactured homes as well. This is important because it is almost impossible to get financing for a piece of land for building a manufactured home if there are no such homes in the vicinity. Most lenders are usually keen on seeing some level of continuity in an area where they are lending. Even though this is not the case in all instances, it will be much easier for you to secure financing if you get a piece in such a spot. 

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