Achieve A Better Quality Of Sleep By Knowing How To Choose The Best Mattress To Buy

Sleep is as important as exercise and diet when it comes to general health and well-being. However, the quality of sleep is also affected by a number of factors, including the mattress you lie down on in your bedroom. The right kind of mattress should be gentle to your body as opposed to one from which you wake up feeling on your back or neck, among other parts of the body. The keyword here is comfort and convenience. When it’s time to get yourself a new mattress, which one would you consider your best pick? Well, it is important to have a brief understanding of the various options available in the market in terms of design, style, size (king, queen, twin, full), and brand. You would then have to do some research and read reviews to pick the right mattress brand from a reputable source without breaking your budget (cheap, but quality, affordable) if the price is a concern. This being the case, here are some important tips and considerations on how to choose the best mattress.

1. Know Your Options:

a) Memory Foam: Memory foam is one of the most popular mattresses in the market. They are mostly made from polyurethane, a material that softens during contact and takes the shape of your body. It tends to get back to its original form and shape as soon as you get up from the bed. Some variations come with a layer of infused gel so as to keep the surface cool and free from sweaty feeling for those whose sweat much at night. Memory foam mattress is known to be the best option for people suffering from back pains and joint tenderness. It provides a high degree of comfort, especially when you choose the brand carefully.

b) Innerspring Mattress: Just like the name suggests, the innerspring mattress is actually one that contains some springs beneath a foam cushion or padding. Simply put, innerspring are types of mattresses that utilize springs and coils as part of the material beneath a cushion covering. The coils are often made of steel, and may be curved into various designs, heights, and thicknesses. These have a significant impact on the firmness, thickness, and rigidity of the comfort bedding. In a general perspective, innerspring mattresses are quite popular for the high affordability, accessibility, and durability. Several types of innerspring exist, including the Bonnell Coils, Continuous Coils, Offset Coils, and Pocket Coils. Pocket coils are the most comfortable but most expensive innerspring in the market in general. Variations are also available, including hybrid versions with specialized cushioning layers, infused gel, and pillow tops.

c) Adjustable Air/Inflatable Mattress: Just like you can tell from the name, this is the type of mattress you inflate and fill up with air to your desired firmness. Most of them come with additional padding layers of materials such as foam for additional comfort. The adjustability of this type of mattress makes it suitable for beds used by different people, with some versions allowing inflation of each half of the bed individually. This way, couples can each enjoy their sleeping comfort as they desire in terms of firmness. The most common downside about adjustable air mattresses is that they are a bit costlier than other options and that the noise produced during inflation or pumping can be disturbing, especially if done at night.

There are also portable options such as futon mattresses, which can be convenient for camping and road trip travelers. It’s mostly about comfort, convenience, and quality.

2. Choose the Appropriate Size

However much comfortable a mattress may feel, it could be quite annoying to discover that it doesn’t fit on your bed upon reaching home. Mattresses normally come in various different sizes in terms of thickness, length, and width. It is important that you determine the appropriate size for your bed, (especially if it’s a replacement) before approaching the market since not all vendors may accept returns.

3. Do Some Online Digging and Select a Brand

There are many different manufacturers of the above types of mattresses, which means that price, quality, and durability of the mattresses you buy will also vary. Online mattress reviews and customer testimonials can be helpful when choosing the right brand. Be sure to also vet your prospective vendor for reputation before buying from them.

4. Try It Out First

Once you’ve made your pick, it is always important to try out the mattress before actually taking it. in this case, you would, of course, have to physically visit the retail store you are buying from as opposed to ordering online. Try lying on on it for a few minutes and determine how it feels and behaves when you get out of it. The best mattress is the one that feels comfortable, is high-quality, fits your bed, is convenient, and gives you value for your money.

Product Examples

1: Classic Brands Mercer Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam & Innerspring Mattress
• Buy at: Amazon
• Price: $446.52 with Free Shipping
• Link: https://is.gd/1mSqhr

2: Signature Sleep Memoir, 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress
• Buy at: Walmart
• Price: $199.39 - $342.40 with Free Shipping
• Link: https://is.gd/cFWnA8

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was the mattress invented?

A: This may come as disbelief, but mattresses have been around for over 10,000 years now. The first mattress dates back to the Neolithic period; these mattresses are made up of natural items such as straw, leaves, covered in animal skin. They sure were an upgrade from sleeping on rocks. The Persians are the ones accredited for actually improving and innovating upon the mattress, with Persian royalty sleeping on the first water beds i.e. goatskin filled with water. Fast forwarding to the late 18th century, mattresses more akin to the modern day mattresses emerged, with cast iron beds using cotton mattresses found to be less attractive to bugs, thus more comfortable and sound sleep. With 1865 introducing the first innerspring mattresses, marking the birth of modern day mattresses. From box spring mattresses to memory foam mattress and later on latex mattresses, all these inventions add to the comfy and sweet mattress we know love and appreciate today.

Q: Why is it illegal to remove the mattress tag?

A: To consumers, it’s not illegal to remove the mattress tags. If you have purchased mattress lawfully, you are within the legal guidelines to do with your mattress as you wish. It is only against the law for one to remove the tag before sale and delivery to the final consumer. Primarily this applies to sellers, to prevent an unfair method of competition, as well as unfair, deceptive act or practice.

Q: When were mattress sizes standardized?

A: The period of 1941 – 1965, saw the introduction of 'king’ and 'queen’ size mattress

Q: When should a mattress be replaced?

A: Keeping in mind that we spend almost a third your life on your mattress, your health, fitness, energy, alertness, and moods, are very much dependent on how well you rest throughout the night so here are some signs showing it’s about time you made that change:

- Waking up tired or sore: If your mornings are feeling like you didn’t have enough sleep or odd stiffness, aches, and pains, then these signs are trying to tell you that it's about time to make that change

- Worn out, lumpy, saggy mattress: It's often advisable to inspect your mattress when changing your sheets. If you notice odd lumps, visible sags and the mattress looking all worn out then it’s about time.

- Home for unwanted guests: Old and worn out mattress often welcome and accommodated unwanted guest, dust mites, germs and even bug become a common site even with regular sheets cleaning

- If your mattress is older than eight years old: This comes in as strong advice from mattress industries and sleep Council, they highly recommend that you should replace your mattress every eight years.

Q: What mattresses are good for pregnant women?

A: Getting sleep for pregnant women is an uphill battle in trying to get a good night’s sleep. Thus here are some features to consider when mattress shopping

- Natural materials: seek to get mattresses made from natural materials; natural organic latex type of mattresses top this list

- Cooling technology: hormonal imbalances cause night sweats, and pregnant women experience heightened levels of this thus mattress with cooling technology are highly recommended such as the High-end memory foam mattresses

- Memory Foam: A layer of this on top of your mattress will provide a softer surface for side sleeping, as is recommended by WebMD

- Weight Distribution: Foam latex or memory foam mattresses as well

- Firmness: Owing to that pregnant women get up three to five times to use the bathroom, medium-firm mattress are a better choice as they provide a soft, firm, comfy layer.


Q: Which mattress is good for back pain?

A: High- quality medium firm foam or latex mattresses, conform best to sleeper’s body shape. They perform well because they allow the parts of the body that need to sink in, to do so, while providing support to other places that need it.

Q: Are mattress pads and covers safe for infants?

A: Mattress pads and covers, are essential in protecting children's mattress from wetness amongst other advantages. Keeping in mind of the great importance they play, safety comes first. And the answer will be not all mattress pads and covers are safe for infants but Organic wool mattress pads, as well as a cotton mattress protector, are highly recommended a safe and sound choice.

Q: Which mattress is best for side sleepers?

A: Latex and Memory foam mattresses, prove to be the absolute best for side sleepers. Owing to that side sleepers should sleep on mattresses that are slightly softer, designed to relieve pressure points. They also provide adequate support which makes foam type of mattresses the best choice.

Q: Who sells mattress bags?

A: Mattress bags are wide available, readily accessible from your local convenient supermarket and stores such as Walmart, or you can alternatively choose to order them online from Amazon amongst many other sites.

Q: Who accepts mattress donations?

A: There are many options, and some even provide pick up services from your home making transportation a whole lot easier. Some organizations that accept mattress donations; The National Furniture Bank Association, Religious Charities and Movements, Charity Organization, and last but no least online directories such as DONATIONTOWN.ORG.

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