Manufactured Home Summer Celebration Idea: How To Have A Backyard Wedding Ceremony Or Reception

Most couples can bear witness with me that the most memorable weddings are those that were held in backyards. It can be in the  backyard of one's own home or even friends. The best thing about a backyard wedding is that there are no hefty venue costs as would be holding a wedding at a traditional space. As much as most of the amenities and utilities will be rentals, there are a bunch of =unnecessary costs that will be avoided. Holding a backyard wedding does not mean that you opted for the cheaper way out. There are countless of couples who have had the most romantic backyard wedding that cannot be termed as to have been cheap. It is all about preference. If you are planning to have a really nice wedding soon, this piece is going to show you how to set up and how to have a backyard wedding that will always linger in your memories.

Proper Planning

Time is always of the essence when it comes to proper planning. There are so many things to consider before you make the final decision. Having a plan that you will own is the best constituent of wedding memories. Involve your spouse in the decision-making process to avoid future regrets. Below are but some considerations:

• Is the backyard space enough for the guests
• It’s important to have a guest list
• What type of reception do you plan on having
• Will you be hosting the ceremony and the reception in your backyard

With most of these, you have a clear guideline of the most vital aspects on a wedding day. As much as there are other elements to consider, the above are just but the most basic ones a backyard wedding will entail.

Call ahead of time to book for the catering company and also the rental company. By doing this, the catering and rental companies will assist you with issues concerning space and setting up tables. The catering company will also help you decide on the catering options that are best for you considering your guest list putting in mind the space constraints.


You need time to have the backyard ready. One way of having the best affordable décor is to go natural. You may plant a variety of flowers in your garden ahead of time in accordance with the events layout and design in mind. This is why you need to involve the rental and catering companies in your planning before any work is done. With their help, you will know what to plant where and they will also give you the best layout ideas to maximize your space.

Have a Theme

While you are prepping your backyard, you need a theme, this will help in deciding the type and color of the flowers you intend to plant or buy for the decorations, the photo frames, catering choices, chairs and the centerpieces. You can have a Vintage theme, Rustic, Whimsical, or a sophisticated country theme. Most of the aesthetic decisions will be based on the kind of wedding theme you decide to have.


No one is in control of the weather patterns, a tent is highly recommended to provide shelter in case it decides to pour. It will also help shield your guests from too much sun or even a breeze. You also have some sort of privacy with a tent. There are so many tent designs that your rental company will recommend to go along with your theme and add some decorating opportunities.


Lighting is the best way to upgrade a wedding. With lights, you can do as many as you want, since you are in control of the event space, start stringing the lights as early. You can do this on the tent ceiling and around the trees. Place candles on tables. Hang Chinese lanterns on trees and any natural shrubs within. You will end up with an elegant backyard wedding worth remembering for a lifetime.


The only known way of preserving memories is from pictures and videos. Hire a photographer to capture the best moments. A videographer will also come in handy. Have them document as much of the day’s activities as possible. In addition, a camera drone can also record some wedding footage.

A wedding dance floor will also do the trick. Arrange for a real dance floor as decks and patios are not stable enough. Of importance, while taking care of the air conditioning, have something or someone to occupy the children, this will help reduce cases of some of them wandering off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What wedding expenses is the groom responsible for?

A: Each family has its part to play when it comes to planning a successful wedding ceremony. Some vary based on culture, traditions, and beliefs, but in a modern marriage, the major responsibilities always go hand in hand from one community to another. The groom's responsibilities will include; Corsages and boutonnieres, the bride's bouquet, rehearsal dinner, marriage license and officiating fee, groomsmen's gifts, honeymoon cost, liquor, the reception DJ, the band or other musical entertainment if any.

Q: Are wedding expenses tax deductible?

A: Normally most weddings are expensive, and many will argue that they should be taxable. It is so unfortunate that weddings are not taxable. Different venues charge different fees if you want to hold a wedding there. It all depends on your budget for the marriage place.

Q: Is wedding insurance necessary?

A: It is always important to have one just in case the unforeseen happens. One should always check with the vendors in case they have their insurance in place already. For example, the band could have an insurance already covering them, so it could be of no use to secure another one for them. A wedding insurance can be put in place if need be but not necessarily a must.

Q: Are wedding rings and engagement rings the same?

A: An engagement ring is a symbol of one person's commitment to another, and It is put on from the time of proposal on the third finger of the left hand. On the other hand, a wedding ring is a exchanged between partners on the marriage day. Both the partners receive wedding rings during the commitment occasion and wear them on the third finger of the left hand.

Q: Are wedding gifts marital property?

A: Just like the name, a union gift is a gift. It is a gift given out to spouses during the union ceremony and is intended for both partners. Marital property is everything that either of the spouses earned or acquired during the marriage. Some would consider some wedding gifts to be marital property and that they should be inclusive in the equal division during a divorce, in that case then, gifts given to each other during the marriage should be considered marital property.

Q: Are wedding bands supposed to match?

A: Many couples want their items to match while others could be of different opinion. Traditionally nothing binds spouses to put on bands that match. One can put one a band depending on tastes and preferences. Whether to wear matching bands or not the decision will come from the couples for different couples will have different tastes and preferences in choice.

Q: Are wedding dress prices negotiable?

A: Just like any other item sold in the shops, wedding dress prices are negotiable. There are many designs of wedding dresses, and each has a different price on it. A couple should look for a dress on their budget and the kind of design in mind. They should be able to negotiate the price to fit their budget and not feel pressed in paying for the dress.

Q: Which wedding registry is best?

A: Again every couple has their preferences, and this applies when it comes to gifts. The registry of marriage helps solve all this. It is a service that is offered by a website or a retail store and helps the already engaged couples to pass information to their guests regarding the kind of gifts they want and those they wouldn't prefer. The couple lists the items they want and files it with their chosen merchant, and the list handed to the wedding guests either by the couple's family or by the dealer.

Q: Which wedding vendors get a meal? Which ones should get tipped?

A: Since your vendors are doing your work, it is always to talk to your caterer and know the charges so you can include them in the meals. For good delivery, you want your vendors full of energy. On the other hand, tipping vendors serve as a thank you. Though it is always difficult to figure out who to tip and how much, it is always a positive gesture to give tips. Tips are given out depending on how satisfied you are with the job done.

Q: Why is wedding videography is important?

A: We all love memories and having to see one after a time is always fun. In a commitment ceremony, the day goes by quickly, and the couples miss a lot of moments that they would prefer to have and the videography is most important in this. You have a chance to view the most precious moments of your life if you had a videography. The video captures things that the photos won't know.

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