How To Start An Inhome Daycare Business - For The Entrepeneur Who Likes Teaching Children

Want to run a daycare from your house? Here is how you can do it

Are you a licensed caregiver? Or maybe you wish to spend more time with your children at home and wouldn't mind starting a business that fulfills your passion of taking care of children. Entrepreneurial minds have no limits. Knowing how to start an inhome daycare business might just be that start of a profitable venture.

Taking care of children requires more than maternal instincts or love for children. It requires attention to detail and numerous rules and laws that have to be abided by.

So, what are the things to look out for when looking to start this business?

What is your dream?

Do you wish to have a playgroup where children play freely? Do you wish to set up an art class where the main focus will be music? Identify what you want your daycare to be associated with. Create a simple timetable and see whether it matches your vision. This can later be changed as your business develops.

Business Plan

Each business venture needs a concrete start, home business not withstanding. Secure the financial future of your venture by seeking services of a financial or a business analyst. A strong plan will not only help you keep track of the business performance but it can also act as a source of revenue should you wish to get additional funding.

What does the market say?

Look around your neighborhood and learn about your competition. Understand how they work, their marketing strategies, pricing, and clients. Learning more from potential customers on what they look for in daycare is also a sure way to get started on the right path. Conducting a focus group with your close friends and family is a quick way to get credible data on what works, what is preferred and what is recommended.


Setting up a daycare in your house means rearranging your home to fit the purpose. Be sure to baby proof the house by placing gates at the bottom of the stairs proofing electrical sockets with caps, and keeping sharp objects and hazardous materials out of reach. You might also look into adding a play area at the backyard, adding a few beds, chairs and age appropriate toys amongst others. Make sure to have low toilets to help the little ones relieve themselves.

Permits & Approvals

It is prudent to get permits and approvals before commencing your business venture. In some countries and states, social workers have to conduct visits at the premises to approve the living conditions and ensure that the house is in a good state and condition to accommodate the number of children as proposed.

Health and safety?

Your business has to abide by city rules and regulations on health, safety and business operating codes. Visit the local Mayor’s or County office to learn what the law requires. Get appropriate documents depending on the ownership of the business. Selecting a business name should, however, be done prior to this. You might also require an insurance cover to run this. Make sure to speak to your insurance provider to learn what is required.

Who is on your team?

Once you feel you are on the right track with permits and facilities, start looking for qualified staff to assist you. Look for workers who have experience working with children. Teachers or candidates qualified or trained in child development are a good fit for the role. Depending on the services you will be offering you might also need a driver for pick up and drop off.

Marketing & Promotion

There are a variety approaches you can use to promote your small business depending on your budget and business plan. Design flyers and posters to be placed around the neighborhood cheaply and easily. Online social media platforms are also a quick and free way to promote your new business. Word of mouth, as marketing professionals say, is a powerful tool. Once the word goes round that you are running a good, clean, sustainable and child-friendly daycare, you will find that interests will have peaked from the increase in registrations.

Like any business, starting and running an indoor daycare business requires attention, persistence, discipline and above all patience. It is much more than babysitting. However, with proper planning, you could be looking at a flourishing and fulfilling business where you not only do what you love but also earn an income while at it.

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