Husband Pillows: What They Are Plus Where To Find Them

Husband pillows have a ridiculous name which doesn't suggest their true function. Consequently, we all know them but we somehow can't point at them when that name is mentioned. However, what most of us don't know is that these pillows are a special type of cushion that we use while reading or watching TV. In fact, you may have used one in the recent past, though you didn't know it was a husband pillow.

About the pillows

They are tall with 2 arm rests on either side. These pillows are mostly used on the floor while seating to provide a good amount of back support. You can also use them while in bed to prop yourself when reading a book or watching a TV program.

The word ''husband'' was used because the pillow offers comfort, support and reliability, words that can only be associated with a husband. Again, the arm rests hug people from behind, just the same way a husband would.

So, is it a reading pillow or a husband pillow?

In order to avoid associating these pillows with certain customers or gender types, retailers will call them reading pillows instead. These pillows are for everyone, including children as their main purpose is to offer support. These pillows are also available in all sizes, hence every consumer is able to get the right support.

Versatility of these pillows

No matter the name you choose to give them, these pillows are a great accessory at home. You could use them for many different purposes other than just reading. For example, you could use them to provide yourself with comfort on the sofa, or you could use them to sit in the right position when playing video games.

Many consumers love the kind of convenience that these pillows provide. Furthermore, reading pillows now come in a vast array of colors and patterns to suit every home decor and style.

How to purchase the best reading pillow for your needs

The surest way to land a nice product would be to read a lot of reviews about the different pillow types in the market. When you read reviews online, you'll get a clue as to what's the hottest pillow available in the market.

Your pillow should provide added comfort as well as durability so you don't invest in another pillow just because the one you have is not serving you anymore. If you invest in a good husband pillow, know that you'll enjoy many nights of comfort as you watch your favorite program in the bedroom or read a book before you sleep.

Other than the bedroom and maybe your living room, this pillow has been used in other places which require sitting for longer hours. For example, they've been used in college dorms, libraries and day care facilities during reading or TV watching activities.

These pillows can also be customized according to the needs of a consumer. For instance, some of them come in soothing micro-suede material that is also hypoallergenic. This type of pillow is the best for those suffering from allergic reactions when exposed to certain types of fabric.

The Hog Wild Peeramid Bookrest Burgundy is designed for comfortable reading anywhere you go. These pillows have been inspired by the great pyramids of Egypt, and their main purpose is to prop a Kindle device or a book for comfortable reading angle.

It can be used on the bed, on your favorite seat, or just about anywhere. By simply positioning the file of your book into the edge of the pillow, your hands will be set free, thus they are able to take notes, munch snacks and have a truly relaxed experience.

The fabric is also easy to take care of since it doesn't catch stains. You can find these pillows on Amazon for the price of $21 only. Use this link http://is.gd/buk26X to find out about the pillow.

Another great example is the Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill Bed Rest which offers the level of comfort you can expect from a premium pillow. They come in navy-blue, and are a nice outfit for every household. This pillow retails on Amazon for the price of $36 only, and you can learn about it through this link here http://is.gd/zc6wMA. These are great pillows you can take advantage of when looking for comfort while reading or watching. The prices also vary, so choose what you can afford.

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