How To Shop For A Dishwasher For A Manufactured Home

Buying a manufactured home dishwasher is a major purchase. And with any major purchase out there, you have to consider a few things first. You have to consider economic factors like price, size and efficiency. Furthermore, you also have to consider the functional aspect of the unit you want to buy. These may include cycle duration, drying temperature, capacity and noise level. Lastly, there are other factors that are beyond your control, so don't bother about them.

Manufactured home dishwashers

You can either go for a portable unit or a unit that will permanently sit on your countertop. Otherwise, you can go for a 24'' or a compact 18'' model. You should also measure the width of the space you want to put up your dishwasher in. And if you're considering a unit design that will sit perfectly with your kitchen cabinets, you'll need to use a tape measure to determine the depth of the available space.

The moment you have these things covered, it's time to shift your focus on something else. The key considerations include performance, value, or even design.

The things that personally matter to you:

The price

For some consumers, price is something of great importance. For others, it's not a big deal. So before you take a step ahead, establish where you fall in that spectrum, and then only go for the price you're comfortable with. But at the same time, make sure your budget range isn't so restrictive that it limits your options in terms of dishwasher capacity or even the efficiency of performance. Yet again, beware that a good manufactured home dishwasher is that which is worth at least $600.

Things like water and energy consumption have an effect when it comes to the cost of running your dishwasher in its entire life. But the good thing is that all modern units save both water and power. So unless you live in an area where the cost of power and water is exceptionally high, take note that the cost of running different brands will vary by just a few dollars a year.

You could go for the extremely cheap ones which sell at $300. But the problem with these units is that they lack internal sensors and water heaters, so they should be avoided unless otherwise.


When the upfront cost isn't a factor, then most probably the performance of the dishwasher is. Other than delivering sheer cleaning power, things like drying cycle, speed and quietness will influence the overall performance of the unit. High-end performance dishwashers come with extra features like Eco-wash cycles and Delicates. These can be important as well.

Some performance features tend to be less vital than others. But the general consensus here is that it depends on the type of dishes you'll be washing using the machine. Don't be tempted to go for a very costly machine that has extra features you probably won't need. At the same time, don't go for a cheap unit that lacks things such as bottle washing jets, sanitation cycles, or even third racks.


Some manufactured homeowners value design very much. They want to see how well the unit blends with the rest of their kitchen furniture and decor. But the good thing is that when you exceed a certain price point, most dishwashers you get blend well with most kitchen decors of today.

You could go for a stainless steel design, though most manufacturers will have a high price tag for such units. Other units such as the LG's Black Diamond would need to be purchased as a full kitchen suite to match the entire kitchen decor. This may mean incurring an extra cost which you were not prepared to pay.

Other brands like Whirlpool white and black ice will bridge the gap between an oven made of stainless steel and solid fridge color because they include stainless steel handles.

Brands like the Electrolux EI24D30QS or the Samsung DW80F800UWS go for slightly less than $800, and are well-worth the price since product testers say they perform better than other brands falling within that price range. Check this link for more information http://is.gd/drDMgn. As for the Samsung manufactured home dishwasher, you can use this link http://is.gd/wk4eQZ to get a feel of what it can do.

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