Benefits Of Manufactured Home Door Canopies

Manufactured home door canopies are not just for beauty. They are designed to protect your steps and entry from the sun, snow and heavy rain. Most of them are milled with a shinny and attractive finish of aluminum metalwork which is baked with 2 coats to last longer. The aluminum construction is very vital since it protects the canopies from rust, decay or rot. The door canopies feature built-in rain gutters that provide additional safety during rainy days. Some of them have standard heavy duty support arms with optional side awnings for enclosure. 

Features and benefits of mobile home door canopies

1) Beauty: The door canopies beautify your home since they add character and charm to your home. They transform the dull and plain looking door entrance by decorating it. A canopy at the top of your door enhances the look of the existing door and your house. 

2) Reduce your utility bills: They can reduce your utility bills by creating an extra and stronger barrier against snow and ice and shielding your rooms against direct sunlight. 

3) Durable: Vertical panel door canopies are designed to last for many years. They are made of strong double ribbed and interlocking heavy gauge panels that provide maximum wind resistance, protection, shade and beauty. 

4) Protection: Door canopies provide shade from harmful snowfall, rainfall and sunrays. They protect door against dampness since their installation may provide a way of covering back and front doors. 


1) Door canopy 52W by 12D: ($586.00) - http://is.gd/tzDxa0

It is sold by Mobile Home Stuff Store Inc. Its dimensions are 52 inches width, 12 inches drop or height and 40 inches projection. It comes in different colors for mobile home owners to choose a color that compliments other parts of their homes. The colors have a 15-year no fade warranty with an attractive hard enamel finish. It has a rust-proof and water repellant aluminum metal work. It features a mill finish aluminum framework with reinforced center for all sizes. It has optional air–vented side-wing panels that add stability and coverage. Its horizontal design blends perfectly with the exterior of your mobile home. It is suitable for 50 lbs per square foot snow loads. 

2) Songmics- Outdoor Awning Patio Cover, Door Canopy and Shelter Extendable Door Canopies - 120cm by 80 cm GVH017: ($60.99)- http://is.gd/ngQaBw

It is sold and dispatched from Grand Taps & Tiles. It can be used as a window or door canopy, and awning shelter with clear roof and black tressel brackets. Its dimensions are 1.2 by 0.7 meters which is good for windows and doors. It features an aluminum edging rear and front that includes fitting instructions and fixing bolts. It is easy and quick to assemble and can be extended by inserting sets. 

3) Window Awning or Door Canopy 6' Wide in Sunbrella Awning Canvas – Beige: ($149.99)- http://is.gd/NBDclt

It is shipped and sold by Awning Center. It can be used as a door canopy or window awning. It comes with 5 brand color choices that consists of Navy blue, green, burgundy, black and beige. It is designed for DIY, easy installation and to meet the Florida building code. It can be installed on aluminum doors, concrete, brick, wood and vinyl with proper anchors. 

4) Door Canopy - Patio Cover, Awning Shelter, & Extendable Canopies 1350mm x 785mm CP0005: ($95.99)- http://is.gd/KTTqQp

It is sold and dispatched from Grand Taps & Tiles. It can be used as a window or door canopy and awning shelter with a clean roof and grey tressel brackets. It is expandable and hence ideal for large balconies, doors and windows. It has an aluminum edging rear and front that comes with fixing bolts as well as fitting instructions. Its dimensions are 1.35 by 0.785 meters which is ideal for windows and doors. It has a 2 millimeter clear polycarbonate canopy made of grey engineering plastic. It has excellent performance in fire resistant, impact and typhoon in areas with extreme temperatures. It is made of corrosion and rust resistant materials that ensure they last for many years. 

5) 1.2 meter Door Canopy - Shelter, Awning,Patio Cover and Extendable Black Canopies (CP0002): ($72.50)- http://is.gd/LqkiKJ

It is sold and dispatches from Grand Taps & Tiles. It can be used on both doors and windows. Its dimensions are 1.2 by 0.7 meters which is perfect for window and doors . It is good for manufactured homes with large doors, windows and balconies since it is expandable.

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