Tips On How To Install Manufactured Home Front Doors

An entry door that’s frequently being swung open in a typical home every now and then is such as the front door is bound to suffer a lot of mishaps, both from normal wear and tear of coming into contact with people constantly and from the vagaries of nature such as the sun and rain. Due to this fact, they are always amongst the first parts that need fixing from time to time. When replacing manufactured home front doors, it is important to ensure that they fit in snugly into their jambs so as to ward off cold and heat, swing quietly and easily by the hinges, secure the home and provide an inviting aura to visitors and family members alike. Here is a step by step guide on how to install a manufactured home front door:

Take note of the size of your door and the door hinge location, they can either be on the left or right hand side before buying the door for replacement. If possible, try also to get a color that matches your mobile home.

Then you need to assemble the following tools nearby so as to save on time and ensure everything works out just fine. Have you new door, putty tape, drill bits, screws, screw drivers, reversible drill, a saw and a tape measure.

The first thing you need to do is to measure the width and height of your door and confirm if it fits the door size you already have. Most manufactured homes tend to have standard size doors, so you should not have lots of problem in this regard. Always get your mobile home door from a manufactured home accessories shop, as you are bound to get the correct door size. You should then confirm the hinge location. It is worth noting that most doors are sold pre-hung.

If you are replacing the door, remove the screws from the old door and remove it from the space, scrape out any old putty still on the old frame. Place the putty tape around the flanges of the new door then take away the paper backing. Keeping the new door as straight as possible and then slowly fit it in the space.

Fit in a few screws so as to secure the door temporarily, at least three screws at waist level on both the right and left hand side of the door. Move back a bit and check out the door and confirm if the door fits evenly and snugly in the space by using a leveling tool to line the door from top to bottom. If it does not, just remove the screws and fix the door again until it lines out nicely.

Once you have confirmed that the door does fit in well, finish by placing in the remaining screws by slowly drilling them in on both sides of the frame, make sure you use the correct amount of pressure so as not to damage the aluminum siding by drilling too deeply. If you want to have a new lock for your door then you have to drill it and create the necessary holes for a dead beat lock using the drill bits you have assembled. Slowly try and swing the door, it should swing back and forth quite easily and be ready for another round of use by your family members and visitors.

Here is a brief list of some of the most popular mobile home doors currently available in the market. They include the following;

1) Product Name: Diamond Door 36x80 LH

Price: $ 229.99

Web URL: https://is.gd/4NhTKC

Product Details: a left side hinge door and comes with a diamond shaped 10’x 10’ window. The flanges already have holes for your screws, has an opening for a door handle and is also comes prepared for a deadbolt if you decide to have one.

2) Product Name: Solid Aluminum Outswing Door 36 x 72 H

Price: $ 219.99

Web URL: https://is.gd/KT9t0u

Product Details: a sturdy and simple door with a design that fits pretty nicely to different home designs and styles. It is made from high quality wood and framed with some high quality, high grade aluminum. They are available in a variety of sizes too.

3) Product Name: Fan window Outswing 32x76 LH

Price: $ 244.99

Web URL: https://is.gd/aAYm4w

Product Details: the left hand hinge door is a perfect fit for those home owners who want to install a functional and stylish door. Because they are opened outward, they are a perfect way of inviting guests to your home.

4) Product Name: Mobile Home 34x 76 cottage door –right hinge

Price: $ 269.99

Web URL: https://is.gd/eJNYLb

Product Details: comes already in its aluminum frame with its flanges having holes for screws into the door frame. The partitioned window does measure 36’ H by 20’ in width. It provides you with options as all you do either put in an entry knob lock or just drill a hole for the deadbolt.

5) Product Name: Steel 6 Panel Outswing 32 x 76 H

Price: $ 299.99

Web URL: https://is.gd/0asjPz

Product Details: this door is perfect for any manufactured home owner who wants a sturdy and stylish outswing door. The 6 panels give the door an appealing look whereas the steel ensures both durability and quality.

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