Tips On How To Properly Install Gutters On Your Manufactured Home

Because manufactured homes are usually constructed as a unit in a factory set-up, it is important for the owner to install gutters along the sides of the manufactured home once it is on the property. Debris and water tend to build on the roof and unless gutters are installed at an angle so as to ensure the downward flow of water from the roof, the manufactured home can be greatly damaged. Here is a step by step process on how to install manufactured home gutters;

First you need to have # 8 0.75 inch screws, gutter pieces, short sheet metal screws, #8 1.5 inch screws, # 10 3 inch screws, heavy duty tin snaps, Power drill, automatic center punch, jigsaw, file, tape measure, line level, jigsaw, drill bits, string, ladder, pliers and combination square are some of the tools you need for this task.

You then need to calculate the slope of the eaves, tie a string to the line level then use some chalk to mark those level lines every ten feet. To ensure that your gutters have a downward angle capable of draining water away from the roof, you should make each successive mark at least 0.25 inches lower on the slope gauge than the previous marking.

Measure the entire building so as to determine the total length of the gutter assembly, then measure and cut the gutter sections accordingly. Make sure you mark each piece at the ends so as to meet the ten foot mark and then subtract the 0.25 inch seam allowance on each end of the gutter piece. Using a marker and a combination square, make the markings across the entire piece and then use tin snips to cut along the markings.

Attach the gutters together and use hanging brackets to connect each piece together. Make sure you set a hanging bracket from the end of the completed gutter assembly, and then set the successive brackets at least twenty four inches apart along the assembly. Set the gutters upside down and then set a gutter sleeve at the point where you want the base of the gutter and the downspout to meet. Draw a clear outline on the sleeve of the gutter, remove the sleeve and use a hole punch to make 4 corners around the drawn outline. Using a jigsaw, cut the outline, throw away the cutout and file the edges.

On the underside of the sleeve lip, apply some sealant and then turn the gutter upright. You can then proceed and insert the sleeve into the hole. Attach an enc cap to each end of the gutter and then use a set of pliers to crimp the cap edges to the gutter.

Invite someone to help you at this point, both of you should hold the gutters at each end and move up the ladders together so as to reach the eaves. Use the number 8 screws to attach the hanging brackets to the roof. Then measure and mark the preferred length of the downspout and cut it out to size, make sure you don’t cut the tapered end.

Go ahead and attach the downspout to the gutter so as to ensure it fits, adjust it as required and once the downspout is well fitted, you can set gutter assembly over the arranged connectors. Once you are through, tightly screw the downspout to the fixed gutters.

Wrap the bands around the downspouts at areas where it is possible for them to connect to the wall of the manufactured home. Use the # 10 screws to tightly fix the bands to walls so as to ensure all the downspouts are in place. Using a water sealant, seal the end caps and seams, the gutters are ready for use. Here is a brief look at what the market has to offer in terms of gutters. These include:

1) Product name: Aluminum Mini Gutter

Price: $ 13.97 each

Web URL: http://is.gd/7Aag7b

2) Product Details: 12’ length x 1.5’ width mini gutter made from aluminum that’s ideal for channeling water away from windows and doors. Quite popular as a roof gutter in many singlewide homes, it is worth noting that it is made in US.

Product name: Aluminum Mini Gutter (Pre-cut)

Price: $ 14.97 each

Web URL: http://is.gd/7Aag7b

Product Details: 12’ length x 1.5’ width mini gutter made from aluminum that’s ideal for channeling water away from windows and doors. Quite popular as a roof gutter in many singlewide homes, and is precut in 72’ so as to allow for shipping.

3) Product name: Mini Gutter

Price: $ 12.95 each

Web URL: http://is.gd/drSgT8

Product Details: industry standard 12’ long aluminum gutter that’s easy to install, all you do is just fasten it in place. Can also be shipped in bulk.

4) Product name: Steel Mini Gutter- Dark Brown Finish 12’ Length

Price: $ 14.60 each

Web URL: http://is.gd/9mt2Q2

Product Details: made of steel and ideal for mobile home roofs. The back wall is around 2.75 ��tall, the width is 2’ and the front wall is 1.5’

5) Product name: Mini-Gutter Galvanized Steel Finish 10’

Price: $ 12.89 Each

Web URL: http://is.gd/9mt2Q2

Product Details: it is heavy duty as it’s made from galvanized steel. Can be used in virtually all manufactured homes. It is slightly smaller than the standard gutters found in foundation homes.

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