A Close Look At Manufactured Home HVAC Systems

Manufactured and mobile homes are delivered in partially constructed pieces. Their HVAC units are quite different from those of traditional built homes. The following are some of the differences that will let you understand their HVAC systems better and probably fix problems once they occur.

Cross over ducts

Most mobile homes have large flexible crossover ducts that run below the house. They transfer cold and warm air to level the overall temperature in your house. Some installers may run the ducts in crawl space due to limited ceiling or attic space. The crawling ducts may be exposed to rodents and water that may damage them. Home owners should look for disconnected sections or leaks when the cooling or heating vents put out inadequate amount of air.

Installing air conditioners

The process of installing a new air conditioner in a manufactured home can be challenging. This is very common where the mobile home lacks ceiling vents, ductwork or floor vents making a self-contained air conditioner or window unit the only choice. Other homes have ducts running to the furnace where case cooling and heating coils can be installed. Newer manufactured homes have full air conditioning system installed and require replacement of the outer unit if the ductwork and thermostat are not damaged.

Small, enclosed furnaces

Forced units are common furnaces since most mobile homes lack extra attic space or crawl space for a different type of furnace to fit into safely. The furnace units are usually small and enclosed in cabinets with vented doors. The vents around the furnace should not be covered or blocked to prevent the unit from overheating. Some mobile furnaces may be access the thermocouple or ignition, unlike larger units.

Installation process

The HVAC systems are usually installed by independent crew or contractor during the assembling of the mobile home on the property. The ductwork can be installed together with the unit in the factory

Product examples of manufactured home HVAC systems

1) Winchester60,000 BTU 95.5% Multi-Positional Gas Furnace: ($1,249.00) (http://is.gd/KVWoDG)

It is a multi-positional gas furnace with a 33 inches tall cabinet. It is designed for installation in mobile homes with horizontal, down-flow and up-flow applications. It features a self diagnostic control to monitor operation, an electric hot igniter surface for efficiency and speed, an adjustable speed maintenance drive blower and self diagnostic control module to control operation. The basic heat exchanger is made of tubular aluminized steel and features a secondary stainless steel heat exchanger. All the units are assembled, wired and tested in the factory to ensure safety and economic operation and installation.

2) Gree Mini 2.6kW 9,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner: ($589.99) (http://is.gd/P8cFbu)

It is a 2.6 kilo watts portable air conditioner and ideal for mobile homes, domestic applications, bedrooms and offices. It is smart, reliable and A-rated for efficiency. It is rated at 9,000 Btu and fits nicely to any manufactured home without taking much space. It gives years of reliable performance with virtual free maintenance. It also has auto modes, fan-only modes and separate dehumidifiers. It has 3 separate fan speed and you can set the desired temperature from 16-30 degrees Celsius.

3) 3.5 Ton 16 Seer Rheem / Ruud Air Conditioning System - 14AJM42A01 - RHLLHM3821JA: ($2,125.00) (http://is.gd/xYfBtP)

It comes as a split air conditioning system for mobile homes. It features an indoor air handler with blower and fan coil as well as an outdoor condenser. It provides cooling only, although it can be bought together with flier drier to provide heating when necessary. It comes with a pre-charged R-410A refrigerant which is environmental friendly. It features a painter louvered steel cabinet and a control box that is easily accessible. It has a motor or grille mount for quiet fan operation and condenser coils that are constructed with enhanced aluminum fins and copper tubing.

4) 11,500 BTU 230/208- Volt Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner with Cool, Heat and Remote: ($599.00) (http://is.gd/I9s4j4)

It has a BTU capacity of 11,500 and comes with a cooling mode, fan mode and a remote control. It is designed to be durable with a cooling area of about 550 square feet. It has a through-the-wall sleeve that is sold separately. It comes with 3-speed cooling fans and mobile homeowners can choose a range of adjustment for comfort. It has a digital electronic touch controls that regulates room temperature with a single push of the button.

5) 20 in. High-Velocity Floor Fan: ($45.96) (http://is.gd/ceQdyn)

It comes with an adjustable tilt angle to direct the route of air flow. It is quite and has 3 speeds that provide more control. It is made of a complete metal structure and hence durable. It has a floor fan, cord wrap and easy-carry handle.

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