Various Manufactured Home Medicine Cabinets Available For Bathroom Renovations

For many bathrooms, storage facilities can be limited, which is the reason why the use of medicine cabinets is crucial to storing medicine, toiletries and other small items. Medicine cabinets serve two purposes; aesthetics and decor and storage and organisation. The style commonly used is mirrored cabinets that sit on the sink area of the bathroom. These mirrored cabinets come in either multi-mirror cabinets or single mirror cabinets, depending on storage needs, size of the cabinet area or sink and wall space. Longer walls will usually have multiple mirror cabinets while shorter walls will have single mirror cabinets. With the availability of engineering and advanced building technology, there are many manufactured home medicine cabinets to choose from in the market today.

Here are a few examples:

1) Zenith Oval Medicine Cabinet with Poly Frame - $94.76 - http://is.gd/qmTsjQ

This cabinet is available in Pewter and serves both the functional and decorative purposes in your room. It has a large mirror and an antique inspired design. The steel body is coated in powder and features two glass shelves that are adjustable. Installation consists of mounting options for right or left handed openings. It also has pre-drilled holes at the back to allow easy installation.

2) Connor Medicine Cabinet - $62 - http://is.gd/7P3CfL

This cabinet has a water textured glass panel door and comes in a white finish. It's classic design gives a lot of storage space. It has one fixed inner shelf which is ideal for item storage and comes with assembly hardware. It features a double-plated door knob. It can be shipped internationally for free.

3) Neal Medicine Cabinet - $102 - http://is.gd/3NfWPF

This offers sleek lines for a sophisticated look. It features a mirrored door that is accented with beveled molding and grid work design. This specific unit offers a lot of storage space since it is equipped with three open compartments and an interior adjustable shelf. This makes it easy to put different items that are of completely different heights. It features clear door knobs that showcase a modern design. It has a tempered glass that enhances its safety.

4) 30 Inch Recessed Mount Mirror Medicine Cabinet - $106 - http://is.gd/iCxxni

This medicine cabinet is 24 Inches in width, 30 inches in height and 5 inches in depth. It has a rust resistant aluminium case that has a beveled moirror. With adjustable glass shelves, it offers an easy storage capability. You can either surface mount or recess mount it. It also features self closing hinges which open up to 110 degrees.

5) 16 by 20 Inch Stainless Steel Medicine Cabinet - $43 - http://is.gd/uCXOKm

For a smaller and cheaper option in medicine cabinets, this is an ideal choice. Measuring 16 Inches by 20 Inches, this cabinet is simple yet very classy to complement the bathroom. It is available in both beveled mirror and stainless steel options. This cabinet has the ability to impress even the very selective home owners.

Manufactured home medicine cabinets are very easy to install. After purchase, you can decide to install the cabinet for yourself, you will require;

1) Marker

2) Tape measure/ruler

3) Drill/ Screwdriver

4) Screws

Installation Steps

1) The first step is to pick the best position for the medicine cabinet. The best positions should appeal to your specific room and make it look larger. Clean and get rid of any dirt, debris of excess paint to ensure that the installation site does not have lumps or indention.

2) The next step is to outline the cabinet. Direct and hold the cabinet in place against the wall in an appropriate position. Outline the cabinet on this area using a pencil or marker. Make sure that the cabinet is level. You may need some extra, especially when installing large cabinets.

3) Thirdly, locate your studs using the stud finder on the marked and outlined area. Mark the stud positions on the wall and inside the cabinet.

4) Make some holes through the back of the cabinet at the positions that you marked into the wall studs. If your cabinet has a support rail, drill the holes through this rail and into the studs for excellent support.

5) Make use of the screws that come with the cabinets to attach your medicine cabinet into the studs. Firmly support the medicine cabinet by driving in the screws tightly. You can test to see whether it is firm and adjust where necessary.

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