Manufactured Home Range Hood Shopping Tips

A range hood is without doubt an important accessory for your manufactured or mobile home kitchen. Apart from making it easy for you to prepare your foods by blowing or guiding away the odor, grease as well as smoke, they also add some style and class to your kitchen. In this regard, it is important to take several factors into consideration. First and foremost, it is important to check the fitted cabinetry and ascertain the most appropriate range hood size that’s going to fit. Always opt for a range hood that will fit snugly into the cabinetry above the range and stay out of sight.

It is also important to check the noise levels: this is usually measured in Sones. Anything between 1.0 to 8.0 Sones at maximum speed is good enough. Usually the more quiet the operation the pricier the range hood tends to be. You should also confirm the strength of the blower used by the range hood, the higher the CFM number, the more powerful the range hood is and can therefore support most cooking needs.

Here are some examples of readily available manufactured home range hoods readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: 28 Inch Range Hood in Stainless steel

Product Price: $ 239.20

Product URL: http://is.gd/X3OyXL

Product Details: fitted with a powerful 600 CFM blower, this range hood is bound to support most if not all cooking needs. Measuring 28 � inched in width and 10 � inches in depth does make it possible to install the range hood within the standard cabinetry, this does make it ideal for use in places such as manufactured and mobile homes. fitted with stainless steel push button controls which allow for very simple operation of the blower speeds as well as controlling the lighting as well, the buttons are very easy to clean. It does have a 3 speed blower with varying speed options and offers 600 CFM airflow: easily extracting smoke, grease and foul odors from the kitchen. It also offers very quite operation, at a paltry 2.1 Sones at the highest speed, allowing the user to cook as much as possible without necessarily disturbing guests or family members.

2) Product Name: Whirlpool 30 Inch Convertible Range Hood in Stainless Steel

Product Price: $ 269.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/VKWW3i

Product Details: the FIT system on this range hood does completely eliminate the need for measuring, cutting and using filler strips for a perfect fit. At only 7 Sones at its highest speed, it does offer relatively quiet operation. Its three fan speeds on the other hand does help in keeping the kitchen clean and smelling fresh. The speed fans can be controlled using easy to use push button controls. With a 350 CFM blower, all the smoke and cooking odors are pulled out of the room. It is also fitted with bright halogen lighting which illuminates the cook-top surface. It is also worth mentioning that it is convertible to ductless installation (re-circulation) with a charcoal filter model. For vented installation, the range hood does have a dishwasher safe mesh metal filter.

3) Product Name: Broan 4000 Series 30 inch Range Hood

Product Price: $ 99.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/22dFRQ

Product Details: this 30 inch range hood is ideal for a wide range of installations and does also come in a variety of colors to match different appliances. The hood does feature a fan that’s been designed for trouble free service. It does also have an easy to clean grease filter and a lamp lens which evenly distributes light. It does have a two speed fan which helps to quickly remove cooking odors and smoke from the air. The aluminum mesh filter is also dishwasher safe and removable for easy maintenance and cleaning as well. Further to all this, its externally vented range hood does offer very powerful performance for all your cooking needs.

4) Product Name: Arietta Argo 28 Inch Insert Range Hood in Stainless steel

Product Price: $ 299.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/a8nCRL

Product Details: this range hood is designed for discreet mounting inside the cabinetry and does fit perfectly inside standard 12 inch deep cabinetry and for this reason, it is ideal for kitchens where space is scarce and limited such as mobile or manufactured homes. It comes fully equipped with a very powerful 400CFM blower which can easily handle most of not all cooking needs. This blower does easily extract moisture, grease, smoke and any other unwanted odor. With a three speed blower, the speed options do allow users to effectively match the requisite power with cooking volume. It does also offer very quiet operation: at only 5.9 Sones. The stainless steel construction does offer durability and timeless beauty, it is also easy to clean and maintain.

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