Valuable Tips On Roof Over Kits That Work

By its very nature, the roof of a manufactured home will tend to be slightly different from that of a conventional home. This usually calls for different approaches on how to maintain, protect or even repair the same. For this reason, it is important for such homeowners to know which types of manufactured home roof over kits are available to them at any given time. Here is a brief list of some of the commonly used roof over kits currently available in the market.

1) Product Name: Peel & Seal ™ 6” x 33.5

Price: $ 25.97 - $ 27.97

Web URL: http://is.gd/1Q0TSe

Product Details: this is a self adhering water proofing material that has a reflective aluminum surface. The sheet does feature high density polymer films, several laminations of special aluminum foil and a very thick layer of a waterproofing compound made from rubberized asphalt. The aluminum foil does help in reducing energy costs as it reflects the sun so as to reduce the rooftop temperature while the waterproofing compound does seal and overlap around any repaired puncture. It does stick to virtually any surface, the films reinforce and stabilize the sheet and also acts as the first line of defense in case of leaks. It does not require any coating for exposure to sunlight and does stretch so as to allow the movement of the building if necessary. It is a low cost, easy to install and labor saving alternative that’s durable and tough.

2) Product Name: Galvalume Roofing System

Price: $1.80 to 2.10 per square Ft

Web URL: http://is.gd/UO6fvt

Product Details: the galvalume roofing system does provide a roof that combines silicon, zinc and aluminum to make a steel substrate that offers a much superior resistance to corrosion when compared against other products in the market. The kit does have certified UL ratings for fire, wind and hail. The Imperial rib steel panels come with a 25 year warranty while the painted panels have a 40 year warranty. They are available in mill finish and a total of nineteen fabulous colors. The kit does contain fasteners, tape sealer, closure strips, Rake trim and eave trim. The panel type is the exposed fastener metal type, a 29 gauge with a rib height of �” and panel width coverage of 36”

3) Product Name: Aluma- Kote Aluminum Roof Coating

Price: $ 64.95

Web URL: http://is.gd/rKU5Lh

Product Details: this is an asphalt based aluminum coating that protects against a wide variety of faults. It does protect against moisture and also reflects sunlight so as to keep the interior of the building quite cool, this saves on energy that would have been otherwise used to cool the manufactured home, it is expected that one may get up to 20 % cost savings on energy use alone. It is also known to protect against the damaging UV rays. With the coating covering at least seventy-five square feet per gallon, the 4.75 gallons container can cover a relatively large roof. The coat is further reinforced with fiber for maximum durability. It comes with a one year warranty.

4) Product Name: Tinted Polycarbonate Surface Mount Skylight

Price: $ 144.95

Web URL: http://is.gd/akfjoz

Product Details: the Fox Lite ® Skylights does provide natural lighting which brightens any room and therefore reduces the need for any artificial lighting, they are very easy and quick to install since they are manufactured with flanges that are pre-punched making them ready to mount. They can also be mounted either directly between the roof decking and shingles or directly onto to a metal roof. They pack a double pane which enhances the thermal protection and insulation it can offer. It also has a unique ventilation system that prevents condensation and fogging. When installed as per instructions, it will provide an unmatched protection against the vagaries of nature. It comes with a lifetime warranty.  

5) Product Name: Mobile Flex Black Bottom Board

Price: $ 129.95

Web URL: http://is.gd/bIoxk0

Product Details: it is ideal for repairing roof holes or leaks, tears and cuts resulting from weak seams, plumbing repairs or damage by falling objects or animals. This is a special bottom closure that’s woven from several black tapes which are made from very high density polyethylene with the extrusion being coated with a continuous and even layer of low density polyethylene. Because of the uniformity of the material, there are no weak points. It can easily patch cuts and penetrations without the chance of these faults spreading, because it is impervious to water, its strength cannot be compromised. The black polyethylene does qualify the Mobile Flex as a vapor barrier. It is also UL classified after being tested for flammability where it was tested at zero flame spread and zero smoke did develop from the test, making it one of the few products to pass this test.

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