Enhance Your Home With The Right Skirting

Manufactured home skirting does not only enhance the visual appeal of mobile home but does also prevent a variety of rodents, snakes and insects from nesting under the structure. Skirting does also protect the water lines, insulation as well as electric wires. There are several types of skirting available in the market, these include aluminum skirting, wood skirting, Vinyl Skirting, Simulated brick/stone skirting, Concrete skirting etc.

Aluminum skirting was for a very long time the preferred mobile home skirting option due to its strength, durability and overall sturdiness. Even though it is prone to corrosion, most panels are usually chemically treated so as to be resistant to the elements. With this skirting, you should not be worried about termite infestation, rotting or rusting. Its main disadvantage though is that it is quite prone to fading.

Plywood, particleboard and wood skirting are also quite popular: these panels are usually chemically treated so as to make them outdoor proof and are therefore not vulnerable to the vagaries of nature such as rain and sun. it is worth noting though that people who live in regions with frequent precipitation and high moisture levels do report problems with mold and moisture. They also don’t stop some rodents from chewing their way through.

Vinyl skirting is weatherproof, affordable and very easy to install. The major downside is that it is not as durable as aluminum or other materials available in the market. people who have installed it also tend to report problems with rodents chewing their electric wires and even making relatively huge holes in insulation.

The simulated stone skirting does create an illusion of real brick or stone even though it generally consists of some pressure treated wood framing to which is attaches brick or stone like panels. These panels are usually quite beautiful and if you choose wisely, it may be very difficult for a third party to know that these are not the real deal. The wood used though can become the breeding ground for mold if it is not checked and maintained regularly.

Concrete skirting is by far the most convenient and durable option for all mobile home skirting options. The skirting will keep all the rodents away, will not get affected by termites of mold and will not rust. Even though they are a tad pricey, they are bound to save you a wad of cash when you take into consideration the fact that they last a life time.

Here are some examples of manufactured home skirting’s which are readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Novik Canyon Blend Simulated Stone Skirting Panel

Product Price: $ 20.98

Product URL: http://is.gd/zPdJBP

Product Details: this skirting does replicate the appearance of a real hand cut at the fraction of the price. For superior quality, this skirting is made of injection molded co-polymer. To prevent discoloration, the coating is blended with UV stabilizer. It is designed to resist impact and warping at extreme temperature variations. It is also guaranteed to withstand winds for up to 150mph and still maintain its resistance even under very extreme temperatures.

2) Product Name: Vinyl Skirting Solid Panel

Product Price: $ 9.95

Product URL: http://is.gd/ThSTZ5

Product Details: has dimensions of 16” width and length of 11.8”. The engineered vinyl does provide ruggedness with very good color retention. It does provide reliable and attractive protection for any manufactured home. it is weatherproof and does not need any painting. It is easy to install with very basic tools and does come with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. It is a non –denting skirting and is virtually maintenance free.

3) Product Name: 36 by 60 Granite Reil Rock Skirting Panel

Product Price: $ 26.45

Product URL: http://is.gd/8sSkoe

Product Details: this skirting has a height of 36” by 60” length, in fact 57” length when it is installed. This skirting id constructed of a single molding of ABS material. It is well constructed, will not rattle nor will it dent, making it one of the most reliable skirting material you will come across in the market. it is sold with a five year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

4) Product Name: Novik Brown Blend Simulated Brick Skirting Panel

Product Price: $ 20.98

Product URL: http://is.gd/gYwBTg

Product Detail: it is easy to install and this does translate to considerable savings on labor. It does replicate the appearance of real hand laid brick at the fraction of the price. It is maintenance free since it is made from blended color pigments, anti-UV stabilizers and additives that are added to the co-polymer. This does guarantee resistance to discoloration and streaking, it can also be color matched to the outside corners of the manufactured home.

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