Appreciating The Importance Of Manufactured Home Skylights

Skylights are without doubt an important addition to any manufactured home. Apart from allowing through some natural light, they also help in reducing the overall energy bill. They can also be used to add some dramatic focal point to the home décor if chosen appropriately.

If you are keen on having lots of light, then go for the tubular skylights which are a very cost effective way of adding daylight to areas such as the laundry room or bathroom. These types of skylights are usually quite simple to install.

Here are some examples of manufactured home skylights readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Fox Lite 16” by 24” Tinted Polycarbonate Surface Mount Skylight

Product Price: $ 84.95

Product URL: http://is.gd/K8ObNJ

Product Details: this skylight does provide lots of natural lighting which is bound to brighten any room and therefore reduce the need for any artificial lighting. They are quick and easy to install and have flanges which are pre-punched. They therefore come ready to mount. It has a double polycarbonate pane which greatly enhances thermal protection and offers approximately 2 square feet of daylight area. It is a one piece seamless construction that’s been made from polycarbonate: it is therefore unbreakable and does provide a very reliable waterproof installation if and when installed correctly. It does block over 97% of UV light, reducing the glare and heat normally associated with such light. It is also quite effective in reducing condensation and fogging.

2) Product Name: Skylight Dome

Product Price: $ 79.95

Product URL: http://is.gd/mS6LJB

Product Details: this skylight does allow ample light into the room and is sold complete and ready to be fitted over the appropriately sized roof opening. This particular skylight can be installed on sloped or even metal roofs with minimal negative effect on the skylight. It is made from very tough and rigid double polymer panes. With a leak proof design, this skylight can be used in any type of weather condition. It is also energy efficient and has both anti-fogging and anti-condensation capabilities. Just like most skylights, it does provide UV protection inside the manufactured home.

3) Product Name: Emerald (F) Skylights (16” by 48”)

Product Price: $ 90.43

Product URL: http://is.gd/DCcB9E

Product Details: this particular skylight can also be installed on both sloped and metal roofs of either manufactured or manufactured homes. They are manufactured with a pre-punches flange and are made from double pane high tech engineered and smoke tinted polycarbonate. It is known to block over 95% of ultra violet light and therefore does significantly reduce both heat and glare. It does also channel all the water from the channel and thus does prevent instances of leakages. It is unbreakable, providing a reliable waterproofing option while still offering maximum insulation to the home owner.

4) Product Name: Sun-Tek Sapphire Tinted surface Mount Skylights

Product Price: $ 64.97

Product URL: http://is.gd/9venIH

Product Details: can be fitted on a metal roof , flat roof or directly between the roof decking and shingles. Installation is quite straightforward and simple: the instructions are included in the application. A dome that's tinted with bronze and fitted with a unique and sleek interior finish. It is stabilized with UV for long lasting protection and is made from polycarbonate material which is similar to that used to produce auto bumpers and airplane windows in a multi-pane construction. It is thirty times for resistant to impact than acrylic and two hundred and fifty times more than glass skylights. It can also resist very extreme temperatures from -60 degrees to + 250 degrees.

5) Product Name: Velux Tempered glass Fixed-Deck Mount

Product Price: $ 283.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/eBAlQj

Product Details: energy efficient way to bring lots of sunlight into a home, the model does come with a specially engineered flashing which makes it easy to install on a slate , shingle or shake roof. It does feature tempered and energy efficient dual glass panes which have Low E3 and are argon filled. When installed with the included flashing, this particular skylight does qualify for a ten year no leak installation warranty if installed on a roof pitch that’s between fourteen(14) and eighty five(85) degrees. It is also quite easy and fast to install, making it an ideal option for those who prefer doing the installation themselves. It is durable and long lasting.

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