Tips To Locating The Right Subdivision For A Manufactured Home

For starters, it is important to note that putting up a manufactured home in a mature subdivision is a very difficult and onerous task. Apart from planning issues that are concerned with site sizing and zoning, there are also square footage requirements for every subdivision. It is worth mentioning that these requirements are typically determined when the subdivision is being established. As a matter of fact, if a particular subdivision was approved only for traditional site built homes of a given size, you will be expected to apply to the county or city, depending on which one has jurisdiction over the property if you want the spot to be rezoned for a different structure.

After getting the requisite approval, you shall also be expected to then apply for the appropriate permits and then comply with any other requirements that the county or city may have laid down. This is usually a tedious but very necessary undertaking for anyone who is keen on putting up a manufactured home in a subdivision. It is also important to mention that zoning laws are by their nature very specific with regards to form, type and size of the structures within a particular community.

For many cities, these standards are necessary so as to ensure that there is uniform, well coordinated development of the community so as to ensure that the general welfare, health and safety of the occupants of the manufactured homes that are located within a subdivision are taken into consideration.

Depending on the city, some of the minimum siting criteria of manufactured home subdivisions usually require the divisions to have a minimum site development area of at least 5 acres and a maximum site development area of at least twenty (20) acres. For many subdivisions, the minimum perimeter buffer is usually 30 feet with the minimum unit site area is 4,200 square feet. For many subdivisions, the minimum common open space area is usually ten percent (10%) of gross site area. This common open space usually consists of either a passive or active recreational area usable and accessible to all tenants living within the park. It is also worth mentioning that many ordinances require a maximum density of six units per acre or thereabouts.

In addition to the above, subdivisions are further required to provide tenants with add-ons such as underground utility lines which should include but not limited to those for street lighting, cable TV, communications and electricity. All curbs, streets, bridges, culverts, drains, gutters and related facilities and structures should also be constructed in accordance with the city’s project manual for engineering development and design standards as well as applicable state and federal requirements. It is worth mentioning though that in almost all instances; roads within a subdivision shall remain public owned. There are also certain measurements that must be adhered to such as the minimum surface depth as well as easement depth which must be taken into consideration. The public streets must therefore meet the requirements in accordance with the city or county.

It is also important to note that prior to construction of any structures within the subdivision, it is usually a prerequisite that all public utilities shall be installed in conformance with the city’s or county’s manual for engineering design and development standards. For parking purposes, many ordinances shall require that an additional off-street parking space will be required for every 5 (five) manufactured/ mobile home site within a manufactured/ mobile home park. Such spaces or parking areas should be spaced through the park conveniently to the homes which they are expected to serve. Outdoor lighting should also be provided so as to adequately illuminate pedestrian walkways. Such lighting should then be shielded so that direct illumination shall be adequately confined to the property boundaries of the light source in question.

Here are some manufactured home subdivisions readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Subdivision Name: Savannah Heights (Bexar & Atascosa County)

Mailing Address: 4302 Kings LN, Von Ormy, TEXAS 78073

Phone Number: 210-495-8889

URL: https://is.gd/UUr8pN

Site Details: this is an undeveloped, wooded and partially cleared site that allows for manufactured and mobile homes. The price per acre is around $ 7607.00 and is situated in the school district of Somerset.

2) Subdivision Name: Mi Tierra Manufactured Home Subdivision

Mailing Address: 4174 Calle Americans, Las Cruces, NM 88005

Phone Number: 575-526-8306

URL: https://is.gd/qyRfM3

Site Details: this is an already developed site that has all the requisite amenities nearby. The prices are available on enquiry.

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