Keep Your Place Nice & Warm With A Manufactured Home Wood Stove

Just like any other conventional home, it is important to make your stay in a manufactured home as comfortable as realistically possible. When looking for wood stove options for a manufactured home, it is worth taking into consideration factors such as EPA approval, mobile home approvals, price, and ease of maintenance amongst a whole list of other factors. Here are some manufactured home wood stove options worth giving a second look. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Osburn 1100 Wood Stove

Product Price: $ 1054.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/AUkpAZ

Product Details: this is a free standing model that has legs or pedestals but it is quite versatile as it can be easily placed in a variety of places in a manufactured home because it has its back face at angle of 45 degrees and the top air hood does improve the level of heat distribution irrespective of where the stove has been installed. It has an optimum efficiency of 75% and a heating output of 50,000BTU and a heating capacity of around 250 to 1400 square feet. It does burn standard 16 inch logs and in a slow combustion mode it does have a burn time of 5 hours

2) Product Name: Majestic Windsor High Efficiency Wood Burning Stove

Product Price: $ 940.95

Product URL: http://is.gd/vaKSGm

Product Details: this is a pedestal design stove which can heat up 1000 square feet. It does have an outside air connection which makes it quite fitting for use in manufactured homes. It is made from durable steel plate, has a well polished nickel handle, and a brick lined firebox and a 3/16 inch thick top. It also has a flue collar measuring six inches. To increase and improve on efficiency, it is advisable to fit in the optional blower. It has a heat output of 18,920BTUs and can comfortably hold logs measuring up to 18 inches in length. With an average efficiency level of 65.3% and an average emissions capacity of 5.0 grams per hour, it is an ideal wood stove for most manufactured homes.

3) Product Name: US stove country

Product Price: $ 1474.95

Product URL: http://is.gd/qH07bB

Product Details: has an attractive metallic black finish and is made from durable plate steel construction. It does have an ultra quite 100CFM blower for high efficiency and can generate anything between 47626 BTUs to 112,000BTUs and can heat up 1600 and 2400 square feet. It has an air wash glass system which ensures that the homeowner has a clear view of the flames. The large ash pan on the other hand does allow for simple cleaning up. With a clearance of 20 inches from the sides and 12 inches from the rear and the capacity to handle 21 inch logs, this is a sturdy but highly effective stove.

4) Product Name: Drolet Austral Wood Stove

Product Price: $ 1289.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/UH0El1

Product Details: this is one of the most innovative wood stoves coming from Drolet, it uses the innovative air wash system which helps in keeping the glass free from any signs of soot and leaves the glass looking great always. With an efficiency rating of 75%, this is one of the most efficient wood stoves in this category. For ease of cleaning, the included ash pan makes the entire process quite enjoyable and interesting. Because it has a secondary air source, the air that’s been heated is normally circulated through a perforated baffle, this allows for a more complete combustion which ensures all the particles are thoroughly burnt out before being released. The unit does also come with a heavy duty cast iron door and has a power output of anything between 25,000 BTUs to 80,000BTUs per hour. It can handle logs measuring at least 20 inches.

5) Product Name: Residential Retreat High Efficiency Wood Stove (With Blower)

Product Price: $ 939.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/FI5Yr1

Product Details: with its average efficiency being 81% this wood stove is a valuable addition to any home or room. Even though it is quite small, it does combine the features and styles common in larger versions of such stoves in a compact and stylish design. Having a heat output of around 50,000 BTU per hour, this brick lined firebox with a pedestal base can heat up a room of up to 1200 square feet. The stove does also pride itself in having a very impressive log length of 18 inches; this is quite an achievement when you compare its size with the amount of logs it can take at any given time.

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