Safeguard Your Manufactured Home And Belongings With The Right Residential Alarm System

Apart from factors such as the quality of service, the buying price and maintenance cost of the alarm system as well as the how customer friendly a particular company is or isn’t, there are other important factors one should take into consideration when choosing residential alarm systems for your manufactured home. These include but are not limited to the following; 

First and foremost, the system you are going to install does significantly depend on whether you own your residential home or whether you have rented it. If you are renter, then it is highly recommended that you choose a wireless system. This is usually the case since you won’t have to interfere with the structure of your home and also you can easily move a wireless alarm system from one house to the other if you are changing houses. On the other hand, if you are homeowner, then you can fix any type of alarm system that you want, depending on your needs and budget. Many homeowners though tend to prefer landline systems that have some form of cell up link backup that covers virtually all eventualities. 

If you are a renter, then it is also important to take into consideration how long you are going to stay in that particular house or home. If you plan to move pretty soon, then it is important to check on the contract you are being offered. In such a case, you should steer clear of companies that require long term contracts. You should also have a bias towards companies that offer moving programs which offer allow you to transfer your equipment and service at no fee. Most of these programs require that you be a client for a certain amount of time and you should therefore confirm this before signing the dotted line. 

 Additionally, if you are keen on having total control of your system then you must be aware that mobile access is a must. You should therefore go for systems that allow you to disarm and arm your system from a web enabled device, smartphone or key fob. It is important to mention though that there are even some units that allow users to control both the thermostat and lighting settings through mobile access. Some units will even allow you to monitor water and flood sensors as well as see which doors and windows are open. In addition, some units will even allow you to access a complete history of the systems events and get real time notifications. 

Here are some of the popular residential alarm systems in the market, they include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Interlogix SIMON XTi-5 Wireless Security System

Product Price: $ 271.50

Product URL: https://is.gd/2Hq41w

Product Details: this unit does provide self contained, color LCD touch screen convenience and easy to use icon-based system at a very cost conscious price point. This is a perfect solution for residential units especially apartments as one can easily add thermostats, image sensors, and door locks to the system. These functions can further be controlled remotely using mobile applications and web portals. The unit can be set up with 40 wireless zones as well.  

2) Product Name: Honeywell LYNX Touch Wireless Alarm System

Product Price: $ 306.00

Product URL: https://is.gd/KXklaq

Product Details: the unit does feature a bright 7 inch full color touch screen with graphic icons as well as some very intuitive prompts which make it very easy to operate. For maximum safety and efficiency, the unit does cater for virtually all your home automation needs and requirements. The unit does support one hardwired zone as well as 80 wireless zones quite seamlessly. This does allow almost infinite expandability which can then easily cover the entire home irrespective of the size and number of rooms. With its Advanced Protection Logic (APL), the unit can protect your residential home against the most sophisticated burglars.

3) Product Name: Qolsys IQ Security Kit

Product Price: $ 443.75

Product URL: https://is.gd/3SXy6P

Product Details: this unit has been described by many as the alarm industry’s next generation of home and security alarm systems due to its feature rich system that boasts of a 7 inch LCD touch screen and brings the best of Mobile Access and Android operating system. This is an all-in –one system that includes a built in camera, a backup battery, a microphone, a speaker and a siren. Also included in the package are 6 different radios that consist of CDMA cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Image Sensor, Zwave and Security.

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