5 Residential Bird Deterrents That Are Affordable Yet Effective

Even though birds are beautiful, they can cause maddening damages when left uncontrolled. In fact, birds such as woodpeckers can destroy your cedar roofs and siding. Furthermore, they can destroy fruits and vegetables in your backyard. And worst still, they also damage things with their disgusting yet highly corrosive droppings. Bird dropping leave discoloring stains on decking and furniture patios. The longer you leave bird dropping unattended, the greater the damage, and the harder it is to remove them. So if you live in a bird-ridden area, we have listed 5 residential bird deterrents that can help you ward them off.

1) Sound Bird Deterrent (http://is.gd/E7o8Ur)

They use birds' instincts to scare them away in places they are likely to cause damage. Sound bird deterrents use recorded bird-distress calls and these sounds are broadcasted alongside predator bird calls. So whenever they pick up such sounds, their natural instincts tells them to flee the area. There are two types of sound bird deterrents; Bird chase supersonic for common pest birds like pigeons, gulls and many more. The second option is Goose-B-Gone supersonic. All the systems are weather proof, so they are ideal for outdoor use. Their prices range between $100 to $195.

2) Bird Spikes (http://is.gd/JUSu6J)

These are physical barriers that are used to humanely prevent nuisance birds from landing. They don't harm birds though. Instead, they are designed with an uneven surface to prevent them from landing where they are not wanted. With this option, you can keep your roof lines, window sills, fences, ledges and other areas birds-free. Furthermore, these products are made in the U.S, plus they come with industry standard guarantees. They are available in both plastic and stainless steel. They retail at prices that range anywhere between $10 to $100.

3) Visual Bird Deterrent (http://is.gd/ourMEU)

With this option, you will visually scare them from an area they are not wanted. They also come with common scare features such as predator capabilities and reflective surfaces to keep birds at bay. Once birds spot them, they flee immediately. These are ideal for outdoor use, such as in gardens, around pools, on fruit trees, as well as patios and areas they like hanging around. They are most effective when installed shortly after an infestation is noticed. They are commonly used because they are a low cost option. Prices range between $15-$23.

4) Hawk Decoys (http://is.gd/NHv3gC)

Hawk decoys are yet another option available to use in outdoor or open areas where birds are not needed. This option is considered the very first Hawk Decoy available for those who want to scare away pest birds. Hawks love to hunt during the day, hence the name hawk decoy. They are mostly recognized as hawk decoys instead of owl decoys.

These work like visual bird deterrents, so whenever the bird spots them, they flee the area immediately. Hawks are known to hunt during broad daylight while owls prefer moving about during the night, when most birds are roosting. Because of this, the hawk becomes a more identifiable predator. So when birds spot the decoy, they immediately sense danger and flee immediately. They cost less than $20. They are life-like, which adds to their overall effectiveness when installed somewhere on a tree. They are also easy to mount and install.

5) Solar Bird Repeller (http://is.gd/Uexkro)

This is a small self-contained bird deterrent that is equipped with 5 inch telescoping rods that spin repeatedly to ''wipe'' off large pest birds that are not wanted in a treated area. The telescoping arms mounted on the main unit is powered by solar, and it continuously spins while covering up to 5 foot area. Birds are mostly scared of this movement, hence they will want to avoid the area. This product works well in swimming areas, roofs, skylights, chimneys and many other places where birds love to hang around. They also come with a rechargeable battery that stores power during dark periods, say when there is no sunshine to power the battery. It is sold as a unit at only $100.

With such a vast array of residential bird deterrents, you can never let pest birds continue damaging your property. These are very effective and affordable options for every homeowner who cannot tolerate birds. For as little as $10, you can get a bird deterrent unit.

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