Top 6 Shower Head Options And Brands

Designing your dream bathroom requires a lot of time and money. A good number of homeowners overlook the shower head during their bathroom projects since it is necessary for a comfortable shower. The shower heads comes with different features and it may be hard for a normal consumer to buy the different qualities and options which are available in the market today. This is important since it is very hard to differentiate between the genuine and fake products. The only method which homeowners can use to ensure they spend their money well is to buy from honest and well known suppliers. The following are some quality shower head options and brands that you may purchase for a new experience in the bathroom.

1) Dragon Pad 7 Color LED Shower Head Romantic Lights Water Home Bath- X mas day (http://is.gd/AnKm2i)

It costs $7.11 with free shipping. It is shipped and sold by Eamall. No battery is required to get it working. It has an interface diameter of about 1 inch and produces enough brightness even without any other lighting fixture in your bathroom. The LED changes color independently regardless of the temperature of water. It has an automatic control that lights the LED with green, red and blue colors once the water starts flowing.

2) Culligan WSH-C125 Wall Mount 10,000-Gallon Capacity Filtered Shower head, Chrome Finish (http://is.gd/fzoeVZ)

It costs $30.99 with free shipping for orders above $35.00. It is shipped and sold by Amazon.com. It features a shower head with level-2 extra filtration that reduces sulfur and chlorine odor. It has 5 spray settings that increases comfort, anti-clog rubber spray nozzle and filter life of 6 months. It has operating temperature range of 40-120 degrees. It comes with a replacement cartridge, filter change and installation instructions, plumbing tape. Its dimensions are 12.25’’H by 8.5’’ W by 4.75’’ D. It weighs 1.6 lbs and comes with a five year warranty.

3) 2.0 GPM Niagara Chrome Handheld Massage Shower head (http://is.gd/iWYaaB)

It costs $19.40 with free shipping for orders above $35.00. It is produced by Niagara Conservation, sold by Hassle-Free and Fulfilled by Amazon. This earth 2.0 gallons per minute chrome handheld shower head combines peak performance with an ergonomic luxury. Its flow control technology produces greater force at low pressure to conserve water and save money while enhancing luxury, appearance, performance and pressure. It has a72’’ tangle-free hose with a 9-jet turbo massage and non-removable flow compensator. Its non-aerating spray enhances lower temperature and hence maximum energy savings. Other great features include corrosion-resistance, maintenance-free and self-cleaning.

4) ZenFresh Chlorine Filtration Shower Head for Dry Skin and Hair Loss 1.45 GPM Low Flow heat High Pressure Water Saving Ionic Handheld Shower head- (http://is.gd/pPeFM3)

It costs $24.97 with free shipping for orders above $35.00. It is produced by ZenFresh, sold by ZenFresh Products and Fulfilled by Amazon. It offers the ultimate shower experience with health benefits such as increased cell viability, reduced oil secretion and smoother skin. It has three layers of mineralized spheres that reduce the amount of chlorine in the water to improve mineral nutrient absorption. Most impurities are trapped to balance bio-active stones in your oil glands and dry your skin.

5) Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Any stream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head with Polished Chrome (http://is.gd/VWYdP1)

It costs $33.15 with free shipping for orders above $35.00. It is produced by Speakman, but shipped from and sold by Amazon.com. It is popularized by the durable Speakman timeless styling that has some of the finest hotels in the world. This shower head is a favorite mixture of many classy hotels, resorts and homes. It features eight center massage jets and 50 strong full-body sprays. Users can easily switch of through full pulsating massage and therapeutic streams, combination spray and gentle rain.

6) Sprite H2O-WH-M Universal Shower Filter and 3-Setting Shower Head (White) (http://is.gd/DhaCHG)

It costs $29.20 with free shipping for orders above $35.00. It is shipped and sold by Amazon.com. It contains a reversible filter cartridge that filters all the harmful products in your shower water for one year. It combines easy maintenance and operation with overall reliability and ultimate structural integrity.

The above brands are made of high quality metal plating. Rusting may occur with time, but the head will retain its shiny look when rubbed tightly with a piece of cloth. They also have water holes which are very hard to stick to give you and your guests a relaxing shower. It is good to make sure the shower head is installed about 12 inches higher than the user although you can install an adjustable holder especially if there are multiple users with different height.

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