Slip N Slides For Summer Fun

When shopping for a slip and slide for your manufactured home, the number of options available are quite mind boggling and could be quite confusing too. To help you choose the most appropriate slide, there are certain pertinent factors you need to take into consideration. First and foremost you need to know the recommended age bracket for the game you have chosen. Always try and go for a set that has a wide age bracket as this does imply that it can be used for a much longer period and can also accommodate more family members.

Another important factor you need to take into consideration is the material used to make the set. Because they are usually inflatable’s , it should be made from strong and durable vinyl, get one that has a gauge of 6 and above, anything lower than that and it is prone to getting punctured very frequently. It may also not be able to support the weight of kids sliding on it for a very long time, completely negating the purpose of purchasing the slide in the first place.

It is also important to get a set that fits into a standard garden hose, make sure this is the case by trying it out with a standard garden hose before you purchase. This is important because unless you do this, you may end up getting stuck with a slip and slide which you cannot easily fill in your backyard.

Here are some wonderful slip n slides readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Slip N Slide Water Knee Hockey

Product Price: $ 49.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/bxWKTZ

Product Details: this one does without any doubt take competitive water sports to a completely whole new level, this particular water game set does work like a slip and slide but with the additional fun of added competitiveness. It does have 9 feet by 5 feet slide rink that attaches firmly to a garden hose combined with sprayers on the side which help get the rink wet. The set is sold with two 18 inch sticks, two hockey pucks and two inflatable goals. It is safe to use and very enjoyable, offers unforgettable moments of joy and pleasure to participants.

2) Product Name: Wave Rider Double Slip 'n Slide

Product Price: $ 24.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/GpmvDR

Product Details: the wave rider lawn water slide does take the rather traditional two lane sliding and adds onto it some two inflatable boogie boards. It does easily connect to a garden hose and does have soaking jets on the side of the slide, making the sliding process quite pleasurable for the kids, it does also come with anchors which are used to stabilize it to the ground and ensure there are no unnecessary movements. Measuring sixteen (16) feet long, this slide is quite ideal for children who are aged between five (5) and twelve (12), it is an ideal purchase for any family which has kids within this particular age bracket.

3) Product Name: Kid’s Inflatable Race Water Slide

Product Price: $ 27.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/72vQ1g

Product Details: this side by side inflatable water slide is an ideal item for summertime lawn fun. Unlike other slip and slides which constrain kids to slide on their stomachs, this particular model does include twin surf riders with handles attached: the riders can thus be used to slide onto the track. The water sprayer does run up to the middle of the slide. Sold with this slide are stable stakes which are used to secure the cloth to the ground. Made using an 8 gauge vinyl, it does provide lots of side by side racing fun to the kids. Measuring approximately 20 feet long, it is an ideal item for kids aged three (3) years and above.

4) Product Name: Elephant Junior Slip N Slide Water Slide

Product Price: $ 17.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/weY3Tx

Product Details: this slip and slide is bound to be loved and like by any small kid who comes across it. Measuring approximately ten feet long, this slide is quite big for lots of fun. It has an inflated runway for extra safety and comfort. With an elephant sprayer that easily connects to a garden hose, getting water onto your slip and slide is quite easy and simple. Made from heavy duty vinyl, the slide is not only tough but is also very durable. It is sold as a set that includes four plastic stakes for securing the splash and a set of two repair patch kits. It is ideal for kids who are aged three (3) to seven (7) years of age, weighing at most 50lbs.

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