Choosing The Right Thermostat For Your Manufactured Home

From winter to summer, your manufactured house needs to be at the right temperature at all times. A thermostat comes in handy and assists you regulate the temperature levels. It is important as it ensures the heating system installed in your home functions optimally. Selecting the right thermostat can be a challenging task, especially given the numerous choices available in the market today. With the right information on the thermostat options available, you will be able to make the right decision.

Main Thermostat Options

There are three main thermostat options which you can choose from. Here is an overview of these types and a few examples.

1) Mechanical Thermostats

They are the cheapest and easiest to install. They feature either bi-metallic strips or vapor-filled bellows, which respond to changes in temperature. Nowadays, they are considered less reliable, especially the models that make use of bi-metallic strips. They have slower responses and this result in significant variation of the temperature from the desired range.

Example: Lux T101141SA Mechanical Heat Thermostat

Price: $16.11


It has a clean and attractive sterling white design. It is mercury-free. It is fitted with an adjustable heat anticipator with allows the user to adjust it accordingly. It is easy to install hence a good choice for DIY use. It includes a wallplate and no leveling is required. It matches perfectly with accurate universal replacements and works with milivot and 24VAc systems.

Link: http://is.gd/9l9bxG

2) Programmable Thermostats

These are designed to adjust the temperature according to programmed settings. With a programmable thermostat, you can have the temperature in your house adjusted automatically according to pre-set times. As such, you will be able to conserve energy in a much easier way. This is because they start adjusting the temperature in advance such that it reaches the desired level at the desired time. Other thermostats start adjusting the temperature to a given level once that time is reached. For instance, a programmable thermostat can be set to allow high temperature during the day when no one is in the house but to turn on the air conditioning system to cool the house just before the occupants arrive in the evening. In the US, for instance, programmable thermostats provide energy saving of up to 30 percent.


a) Nest Learning Thermostat

Price: $249


It allows you to customize it once if you like since it remembers the temperature you set. As such, you don’t have to set the temperature on a daily basis. It has an Auto-Away capability which enables it to turn itself off automatically when you are away. It records energy history so that you can review your energy use later. It also has remote control capability through Wi-Fi, thus giving you the ability to adjust the temperature using your smart phone or laptop.

Link: http://is.gd/SHEROW

b) Ocobee Smart Si Thermostat

Price: $116.99


It has an intuitive interface which allows the user to easily set a personalized program. It is Wi-Fi enabled which makes its use convenient from a smart phone, laptop or a tablet. In addition, it has a built-in live weather function which assists in saving energy costs as much as possible.

Link: http://is.gd/D7hILt

3)  Electronic Thermostats

They are different from mechanical thermostats because they use electronic gadgets to detect the current temperature and initiate the room temperature control system. They have no moving parts and rely on thermistors to measure temperature. They use either a relay or a semi conductor device such as a triac to function as a switch for the heating system. When switching on or off, they make a small audible “click” noise.


a) Honeywell TH3110D1008 Non-Programmable Standard Display Thermostat

Price: $70.55


It is a non-programmable thermostat for heat pump systems and 750 mV heating systems. It has a digital backlit display. Reading the set and current temperatures is easy. It has a precise comfort control and maintains consistent levels with high accuracy. It easy to use and is fitted with easy-to-use slide switches which allow the user to select the heat or cool mode as well as operate the fan.

Link: http://is.gd/5hmcnZ

b) Name : Honeywell YRTH3100C1011 Digital

Price: $39.38


The Honeywell YRTH3100C1011 electronic thermostat has a soft-touch button interface and an easy-to-read backlit display. It offers quality temperature control or your heating system with auxiliary heat. It is a mercury-free thermostat. It comes with a one year warranty.

Link: http://is.gd/HJ9YiN

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