Things To Think About When Buying TV Lift Cabinets

The TV is one of the most preferred electronics in indoor settings, both at home and commercial buildings. When relaxing at home, the watching your favorite movies or television programs is a nice way to pass time and get some indoor entertainment. The level of comfort, interest, and convenience your TV brings in your home is, however, dependent on the kind of furniture you choose for it. This is where TV stands, corner units, and TV cabinets come in. TV Lift Cabinets are some of the most popular TV furniture units, owing to their elegant, space saving and presentable look and feel.

Some Benefits of Lift Cabinets for TVs

Depending on the size and design, most of them are also highly versatile, allowing you to have a TV in basically any room of your home. Some are motorized; others are stationery, with remote control lifting mechanism. They are a lift cabinet is designed to lift and lower your TV to certain positions, meaning that it also serves as a protective furniture piece apart from just acting as a stand. It hides your HDTV from accumulating dust, thereby reducing the level of cleaning and maintenance required while still increasing its lifetime. Considering these many benefits, these furniture units bring, what are some of the things to look for when buying a lift stand for your TV? Well, here are some important things to look at when making the selection.

Consider the Appropriate Size

Before approaching the stores for a lift cabinet, it is highly imperative that you get the measurements of your TV correct. In most cases, you will find TV cabinets named according to the TV size it is designed to support. If you decide to buy the furniture piece before the TV, you may want to consider going for an adjustable option, just in case you think of upgrading or buying a bigger television set for your living room. Lift cabinets designed for up to 60-inch TVs are in most cases categorized as Full-Size cabinets; whereas those for TVs up to 46-inches are referred to as mid-sized cabinets.

Structural Integrity:

Depending on the size and weight of the TV you own, it is important to choose a lift cabinet that will sturdily support your TV and stand the test of time doing so. In this case, there are different types of cabinets according to the type of material used to make the unit. Steel, wood, aluminum, high-density plastic are some of the most popular options. The structural integrity will also have an impact on how secure and safe your TV will be, let alone how long it will serve you.

Lifting Mechanism and Adjustability:

TV cabinets are also distinguished by their mechanisms of lifting. Some of the most common modes include geared rack mechanism, scissors lift, geared rack, and telescopic lift, among others. It really depends on what works best for your space and convenience. Some feature adjustable heights, which allow the user to easily switch to their preferred height using a remote control or stationery button on the unit.

Design and Style:

The other important thing to remember is that TV cabinets are available in various different styles and designs that you can easily pick from to match your interior décor settings. Most advisably, choose a cabinet that won’t leave the room feeling or looking empty or seem as if something is lacking when the TV is not in use and is hidden within the cabinet. Some come with trolleys and are available in styles such as antique, traditional, modern, and contemporary, with elegant finishes such as cherry, brandy, leatherette, oak, tick, and much more. The intended use and positioning of the cabinet will also influence the appropriate design and features. For instance, there are specialty cabinets, end of bed cabinets for bedrooms, and Fireplace Lift TV Cabinets that come with a heater feature included. It should also be configured properly to allow passing of cables without causing obstruction or creating inconveniences.

Product Examples

1: The Elevate™ in Espresso Touchstone's Value Priced Wood TV Cabinet
• Buy From: touchstonehomeproducts.com
• Price: $1,199.00
• Link: http://www.touchstonehomeproducts.com/72008.html

2: Azura 360 Degree Swivel in Sonoma Finish TV Lift Cabinet
• Buy From: tvliftcabinet.com
• Price: $3,299.00
• Link: http://www.tvliftcabinet.com/Azura-Sonoma-Finish

3: Crystal Pointe Swivel Lift TV Stand
• Buy From: wayfair.com
• Price: $2,999.00
• Link: https://is.gd/5VvGa4


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