Washing Machine Outlet Boxes - Installation Tips

If you are keen on having that beautiful look and feel of a well finished laundry room in your home, then using an outlet box to hide the messy inlet valves and water lines is the best and easiest solution. The boxes are normally designed for what’s termed as in-wall installation and are not very difficult to install or fix if you know some installation basics.

The first thing you need to do is to get the most appropriate installation location and then go ahead and prepare the spot. You should get a spot or space between two wall studs that are just behind your washing machine and prepare to install the unit. If you are dealing with a finished wall, then you should make use of a stud finder to mark the correct location with a marker or pencil and then cut the box shape into the drywall. Make a point of adding some twelve inches or thereabouts, towards the direction of your water lines. Make sure that the unit is installed forty two (42) to forty eight (48) inches above the floor level. This will ensure that it is above the flood level rim of the machine.

Once this has been done, you should first remove the outer rim of the unit from the box and then place the box on the wall in such a way that its nailing fins are resting snugly on the studs as the outlet box rests on the cavity that’s between them. Ensure that the exterior of the box is flush with your drywall. Using 8 D nails slowly secure the box to the studs and carefully nail in a strap bracket between the two studs.

Carefully following manufacturer’s instructions, secure the cold and hot water pipes to the valves in the the box unit. Depending on your current plumbing system and the washing machine you are currently using, you may have to solder some extra pieces of pipe so as to successfully make these connections. You can consider calling in a plumber to ensure that your connections are watertight and the soldering is up to scratch.

You can now gather the hoses from your current washer and slowly screw them into the respective valves that are inside the box. As earlier mentioned, make sure you follow manufacturer’s instructions when doing this. You should make sure that the hoses are securely connected so as to avoid instances of any leakages. If you find a knock-out plug at bottom or back of the box, then you should remove it and install a drain line instead. If you find that no vent exists within the first five or six feet of the line(drain), then you should add a line by simply cutting the affected line then reconnecting it.

If during installation, you did tear into a wall so as to fix the outlet box, you should carefully cut some square size of the outlet box into a portion of the drywall that’s been removed. You should then use some drywall screws to fully secure the unit in place and then make a point of applying some drywall over the seams. Keep on applying coats of drywall over the tape until you get a surface that's even and then snap or screw the rim of the outlet box into position.

Here are some of the popular washing machine outlet boxes readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Wash Machine Box with Valves

Product Price: $ 28.71

Product URL: http://is.gd/OHLStG

Product Details: the unit does come with two individual ¼ turn brass valves as well as a white protective enclosure with a faceplate. The design allows for right, center or left as well as waste mounting. The enclosure comes complete with brackets for nailing the unit to the house framing. It is easy to install and comes in a variety of colors.

2) Product Name: Washer Outlet Box Single Lever

Product Price: $ 35.64

Product URL: http://is.gd/r9XYhS

Product Details: sold with a plain faceplate, four mounting brackets as well as two conduit lock nuts. It does have standpipe high rise platforms for valve installation as well as knock outs for various air conditioning and water supply condensate waste routings. The unit has a contoured bottom for positive drainage of any overflow.

3) Product Name: Standard Washing Machine Outlet Box(Ox Box)

Product Price: $ 62.18

Product URL: http://is.gd/Qg67qU

Product Details: the unit does offer fast and strong mounting over the stud and durable ABS stands which can withstand site abuse. The unit is also easy to test using the integrated Grip Tip test nipple and the drain knockout easily removes into a single piece.

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